Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ta Da...

So we went camping in Yellowstone. Pics and blogging is to come soon! But I had to tell everyone the greatest thing about coming home. So as you know I have great neighbors! One just so happens to be my sister-in-law! The other my recently found sardine friend Chelby! Well Eric walked in and Ta Da...


It was so awesome! I already had so much to do that this was the great bestest gift ever!

LISA, CHELBY, AND LITTLE SASSY CASSIE! You are the best ever! You guys are awesome! I couldn't ask for better friends! I am a little embarrassed you saw my house that way but.. it was awesome!

I will get you back Chelby and Lisa... when you least expect it! It will be this great and wonderful surprise! OK let's face it... I am not that creative but you will get repaid!

Love ya gals!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Week Wraped Up In A Nut Shell

1 long night on a tramp with 4 boys sleeping on top me
2 long nights of night games
3 nights of working
1 night out with friends
1 frighting phone call
2 cop cars
1 firetruck
1 ambulance
a few awesome neighbors
1 tired mom!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Just Deleted Everything!

Yeah all the stuff on the side of my page just got deleted! That is awesome! I guess I will have to retype everything! That sucks!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Surf or Die...and a Princess

Well the kids had an awesome day! The church for our neighborhood put on a parade that the kids got to be in. It was nothing big but they thought it was the greatest thing on the earth. At first I have to say I was not too excited. So that morning I went to every store trying to find something they could wear. I was hoping to find old 4th of July cloths but no luck. I did score at Target on some really cute princess gear for Dylann and Emma. They were princesses in a pumpkin pulled my horses (Becca). Chelby made the cutest pumpkin carriage out of the bike stroller and I made some horses out of some faddodels. Then it struck me the Boys can be surf bums. So I painted some cardboard and put it on the back of there Mustang with signs that said Surf or Die. (Thanks Lisa!) They wore there swim suites and I bought them some shades. It was really cute and they looked awesome. The kids had sooo much fun thanks to Chelby! I loved watching her get soaked by all the kids. Sorry I would have helped you but I was in pain from my ulcer! Damn that makes me sound old!

The 4th!

Well our 4th was less then enjoyable! I was sick the whole night before and I was just not in the mood. Plus, I am not a big fan of fireworks. So Eric wanted to BBQ and make some good grub. I went to the store bought the stuff came home and said I can't cook I feel like crap. So hamburger helper it was! Eric bought way too many fireworks the kids started to get bored. I think we lit them for a good solid 2-3 hours. It was awful, although the kids loved it... at least the first 1 hour. I wish I could have been more fun but it was just the 4th of July right?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm Picking up a Baby Bumble Bee!

My mommy wasn't so proud of me! Yes my little Cacher's was stung by a bee this past Saturday! It was sad! Eric heard him starting to cry and pointing at his arm. When he got to me he started to sign hurt and bug! Poor little guy! I think he is the first to be stung! But after we cleaned it up put the home remedy on and he was good to go! But still signs bug and hurt together!

2 Surprises... 1 Day!

I came home from work on Monday to 2 big surprises! This was left for me on the table!

2 P.J. bottoms and a bottle of perfume. I love them both!

Then there was this! Yes I mean the hair and he even hid! I think he wants to be like the boys! I have to say it could have been worse and he doesn't look too bad!

Thanks Babe, I love you very much!

I wear my Sisters Bibs!

My hunka-hunka burning love!

"I am so adorable or so I am told!"

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears... Oh My!

Our trip to the zoo! It was hot but fun and the kids had a great time. We took the carousel and the train for a spin, which the kids loved. Cache was so amazed by all the animals, especially the monkeys that they were really real. Mason liked the giraffe, Dylann liked the carousel, and York was a long for the ride. The bears were very playful and it was really fun to watch them! Over all it was a fun day at the zoo and we had some nice family time together.