Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Poop, poop, and more poop!

Yes Wednesday is over! I would say I am excited for the weekend but I just have to work! It really blows! You know I should be rich! I would make an excellent rich person.

Today my mind was numb!! I tried so hard to think of something funny to post and I came up blank! It was just a bunch of empty thoughs. Things no one really cares about. So what in my day could I write about that people would actually laugh. Being a mom with 2 kids in diapers and having 2 extra kids in diapers, the only thing I could come up with is poop. Poop is kind of funny, when you think about it. It is like fart, you say fart to a kid and they laugh histarically! Try it or just fart and they will think it is the funniest thing. Kids look at there poop and there proud! Like they just climbed Mt. Everest. Yes men do the same thing! Now as adults...well women...we are not allowed to laugh at such disgusting things. Well if you had the poop day I had you are gonna be laughing!

Surgen Millers Warning:
Reading this story may cause unwanted sterilization. It is not for the childless or weak hearted. We hold no responsibility if you no longer are wanting to have children and use unreversable birth controll.

FYI... we have unreversable birth controll for this reason alone! We, the Millers, have taken this percation.

So I have 2 extra kids I am watching for the week. Keri 2 and the other Koby 5 months. Put Cache 2 and Dylann 1 in that and it make 4 kids that poop in diapers. Ok well we are going to minus Kobe because in all the time I have watched him (now going on 1.5 weeks) he has only pooped once. Which could be good, if you are like me and hate changing poopy diapers especally if they are not your kids, but no. This kid needs to poop. He farts like no other and no poop comes out so as you can see not good for me. Now Keri today pooped... yeah he pooped all over the place and managed to not only get it all up and down him but got a big poop dropling on my floor. Yeah thats right! Left there like a deer! (I mean the animal... note spelling.) See he is also lactose intolorent... in fact I don't think he is totlorent to much. Because no matter what I feed the kid his poop is still runny as all get up. So him getting a poop dropling on the floor, I have to say takes tallent. Moving on to my little ones... thats right I have a collection of poopy diapers in my grage. I think sometimes the smell starts leaking into the house at the end of the day. I smell poop and it aint the grage...yup Cache needs a bum change. Go change him. He gets mad... humm must not want to stop playing...nope he aint done! Now my kind hearted son at least waited till I got the diaper back on. Ok another diaper. And the finally kicker of the day... would be Dylann reminding me we had chowmain noodels for dinner the night prior. Oh...the big kicker...I had to actually pull the lonely noodle all the way out. Yummy! I think I will eat some left overs tonight! I love being a mom! What could top a day like that? Hell who gets that excitment at work!

Other great things that happend today. Thinking.... thinking... thinking...
I loved seeing Cache watch a movie and smile even when he doesnt have his hearing aids in. I think it is amazing that he still follows the story without words and laughs at the appropriate parts. I think any normal person would be lost with out the words on a movie but he seems to get it and enjoy it. I think it is remarkable. His teacher was telling me today that she thinks that disabled kids are so much stronger. Not by strength but by drive. The have something about them that makes them want to be better, want to succeed, want to be the same as the rest of the world. I think she is right because he is a fighter. He will keep up with anyone and he will not ask for help or sympathy. He is an amazing child.

This is the day he got his hearing aids for the first time.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Vote For Emma


Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I think I feel like the girl on the left of the page!

Sorry I have had my hands full! If I had any patients, I think they are now gone! I seriously am so happy I do not have an infant anymore! I hate that age! Yes I am not your typical woman! Babies drive me crazy. They are so needed! Feed me, hold me, change my butt! I seriously hate this age. Don't ask me how I survived 3 of them! I swear I was just blessed with good babies. They never cried like this! There is something wrong with this kid! It just cries and cries! I can't stand it! OK I am done! I will do no more favors! I hate being nice... damn it! I just want to be the cold bitch that everyone thinks and expects me to be. I mean come on! I can't wait for this weekend! I finally get a weekend to myself! No obligations! YES! American Idiol was awsome last night. I seriously want to still that kid from Utah... he is so dang cute! I hope he wins or at least makes it to the top 6. I voted like 30 times and Eric just laughed at me! I am a dork!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Home Sweet Home... Yet Bitter Sweet!

FYI this will be my cheesiest post ever! Finally we are home! First but not least THANK YOU Lisa and my mom for watching my kids! Both Eric and I greatly appreciate it! It ment a lot to Eric's family to have us there! SO BIG THANKS and I love you guys! I owe you and Callin any time you need it!

So our trip was sad but nice! I think things like this really put things in persective. Never forget how much people and the time you spend with them be underestamated. I love Eric's family as if they were my own and they have all been so accepting of me. I feel so previlaged to even be mententioned in the obituary. So thanks Uncle John and Aunt Robin! You both our my heros! I will never forget how strong you are! You are truly amazing people and you have many people who love you! Including us!

Josh's funeral was amazing! I am sure he is in heaven just laughing at all of us and knows that we loved him that much! So many people who loved him and the family. I think at least 300 people showed. He was carried to the church by the most beuatiful white horse and buggie to be greated by 50+ men in uniform both fire and police. (John is a fireman) As he was carried in the bag pipe played. Both his sister Rylee, brother Jake, and dad spoke. They did an excellent job. Doves where let go as he was carried back out. Josh then was taken back to the funeral home where he will be cremated and taken home. It was a great service.

For you Josh... I will never forget you'r smile and big heart! You are the most giving person. I will forever miss your big bear hugs as you stood at least a foot hire then me! The kindness you showed to both your sister and my children! I only wish I could have seen you be a great dad! I will remember the time when you felt so big... I think you were about 13... you got to play spades with the adults at Aunt Patty's. You felt so big and grown up! I will never forget our long walk on the beach last summer. The whole time bragging and being proud at how much you had grown up and wanted to be a better person. Our chat on the porch listening to the waves as everyone eles was asleeep telling me how you had the greatest dad in the world and how you are so lucky to have him. That he was the one who always helped you through. Telling me how much you and your dad admired Eric on how much he grew into a great man considering his life. Josh, just so you know you did grow up and you where a great man with a huge heart. A man that both your cousin Eric and I admired greatly. Although I will miss you forever and it won't be the same playing spades without you, I know you will always be there. You will be watching us play and laughing at how silly we all our. I am sure the Kigers will still beat the Millers at everything. I miss you, we love you, and my friend we will see you again!

Here is a picture of the Josh and the family last summer at the beach house, I will always remember...

From left to right...
Aunt Robin, Josh, Aunt Suzy, Eric, Uncle John, Val (Jake's cute girlfriend), and Jake

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cali So Far...

It is so beautiful here. The sun is so nice to see. It has only been 1 night and I totally miss my boys! Today we went to Eric's uncle John's house. It was a long drive there and I was actually a little nervious, I guess not know what it would be like. I will for ever remeber the drive there as The Doors were playing on the radio. I thought for sure I would loose it when I walked in the door, but Uncle John and Aunt Robin were doing amazingly well. They had hunndreds of pictures of Josh out and it was nice to see his smile through all his years. He had an amazing smile! Sadlly enough I only had to the chance to see it 8 years. I think they enjoy having company, and they say it gets them through the day. I could not even imagin what they are going through. They are truly amazing people and a wonderful famliy. I only wish there was something more I could do for them. We sat and watched the vidieo of Josh that will be playing at the funeral and I don't think there was a dry eye in the room. We are going to go back up to there house tomorrow to visit and see if there is anything we could do to help get ready for Tuesday. Here is his obituary...

Joshua Wade Kiger
Age 20, born July 20, 1987, passed away on February 4th, 2008. Joshua grew up in Corona/Norco. He attended Norco High School. Josh enjoyed snowboarding and rock jumping on Lake Mead. He also liked to golf, play on the computer, playing video games and just hanging out with his friends. Josh is survived by his parents John and Robin, brother Jake, sister Rylee-Kate, grandpa Roy, nanny Louise, grandma JoAnn, uncles Kim, Steve, Mark, Ron, aunts Connie, Gwen, Susan, Patty, Cheryl, cousin Eric and his wife Melissa, cousins Kyle, Jeff, Greg, Michael, Amber and Brea and their families. The Funeral service will be held at Church on the Hill, 2000 Norco Drive, Norco, California, on Tuesday, February 12th, 2008 at 11:00 a.m. There will be a viewing after the service and then a Celebration of Life will be held in the Activities Hall at the church.

Here is another picture that will brighten this post up...

That was taken on my cell at Uncle Johns and Aunt Robins. They all thought she was such an angel and she is!

Todays Rating: Sad :(

Friday, February 8, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I wake up to the small earthquake in my bed again! Yes it is Mason and I have to get up. He has school. I am so dreading going out and facing the cold weather! So I open the door and my jaw dropped! It has to be the most beautiful day I had seen in months! The sun was shining and it felt warm on your skin. Wow what a little sun will do to you! It was an instant pick me up! It was going to be a great day, busy but great. I must had been in an exptional good mood because I decided I was going to brave the mall and take all the kids by myself (well I invited Lisa but she flaked)! The sun must have really took a toll on my head, I never take the kids by myself anywhere. It turned out great, my kids were awsome, plus they did not have a nap! I could'nt belive it. Since they had such wonderful behavor and let mommy get her dress and Dylann's for the funral, I let them make a Build-A-Bear. They loved it! Cachers was so amazed as they filled up the bears with the stuffing and Mason was so excited he got to name his bear. He then later decided he wanted Cachers dog, and Cache could really careless. It is now Mason's best buddie named Sandy, after our previous dog. It has now taken the place of panguin. At least for now.
So later in the day my little nephew Thomas wanted to come over and play. As I opened the door I began to laugh. This is what he looked like...

Yes that is the hood to his coat on his head. That is all he needs to stay warm because the heat comes out of his head. Well as you can imagin Mason thought this was the coolest thing and this is what happend next...

They are funny little kids! I love them! So the rest of my night has been spent watching my cute little niece and nephews so Lisa could scrapbook. I now she will need this break when she has my kids for 4 days! I also have been getting ready to go! I am not nearly where I want to be, but I will get there!

Todays Rating: Busy, Beautiful, and Fun! ;)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sitting At Work Bored As Can Be!

So I am sitting at work bored as hell! I am now, what we call here at work, sitting on my internet sword! See the internet is forbiddin unless it is for "medical purposes". So I am thinking this is not going to qualify! O well! It will burn the time away so I can get my hours and keep my benifits! I actually got my work done today and got it done early!

So today was very boring! And I don't really have anything funny and witty to write! It was what I call a typical Thursday! I will give you the rendition but I worn you boring!

About 6:30 Cachers wakes up! Oh no son you are not going to do this that early. He gets more milk a changed bum and I made him go back to bed! Which surprisingly he did! 7:30 Mason has crawled in bed next to me. All I feel is movment as if we are having an earthquake, then finally has a brave moment "mom will you get up?" I say "Go down stairs and play!" It really is no wonder he is happy to see his dad when he gets home! 8:45 the babies wake up, I actually got to sleep in! Wow that was nice I am sure that won't happen tomorrow when I have worked all night! And just as I get breakfast put on a sweatshirt, what do I hear... knock knock! Oh it is the Direct TV guy! bra have'nt brushed my teeth! Yummy! Maybe I will get lucky and he will be fat and slobby! Nope young and fairly good looking! Of course not nearly as handsome as my husband! Can't hook it up (I mean the cable!)... looks like it is more PBS for us! Wonderful! Pick up the house, do some luandry, and get ready to come to my wonderful job! Yippy! Work is boring today, not a fun day at all! I usually try to make it exciting but for some reason I am struggeling! It must be the peeps I am working with tonight! They don't seem to want to have fun! The most eventful thing that happend is someone ripped ass and it stunk up the whole pharmacy! It was pretty gross! I wanted to gag! Just writing this makes me want to sleep I am sorry if you actually read this post!

Forcast for tomorrow: A shit load of things to do! Must get ready to go to Cali! This is goign to be a hard trip for us! Thanks to Callin and Lisa for watching the kids! It won't be easy for them too! I will pray for your survival!

Todays Rating: Boring :(

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Another Day Past...

So the time has come for my first real blog entry! Same old day as every Wednesday... Get up, take Mason to school come home, feed babies, clean up, shower, pick up Mason, fix lunch, put babies down for nap, wast time, clean, fix dinner, and fianally spend time with the Fam! Dinner tonight... Baked Chicken, red and sweet potatos, salad (Eric really wanted it-see below).

My faovorite thing said today...
As Eric and I our talking about our day on the couch
"I love you Mom, I mean Dad!" - Mason
Yes son... I know I am chop liver when Dad comes home... thank you for reminding me yet again! You never let good old Mom down, since she is the one who takes care of you ALL DAY! Ungreatful brat! It's a good thing we have this unconditional love thing going!

The nicest thing out of my husbands mouth today...
And when I say nice I am being sarcastic!
Me- "Should I make a salad too?"
Eric- "Yes because I don't like sweet potatos!"
Oh I am sorry did you cook dinner? Well you sure made that salad after that comment did'nt ya!
Oh wait I should not forget this....
"You need to work more!" - Eric
Yes because my many hours of the day are spent sitting on my ass doing nothing! It is seriously a good thing I love you!

Best part of the day...
Well the night is still young... yeah right I am getting old and have 4 kids...
Dinner! We all were in a very good mood... ok Dylann was not to happy to sit in her high chair, she thinks she needs to be at the tabel with us! I especailly liked the part when Eric would speak and we all felt compeld to talk before he could get a word in edge wise! Yes honey we all want to take the summer family trip!

I even made some brownies! What a day!

Oh the worst thing that happend today... There is hope Hillary Clinton my win... let God have mercy on our souls if this happens!

Forcast for tomorrow... Another repeat of any other Thursday, plus I get to go to work all night long! Ok I will stop now I am not feeling the "I am so blessed" fleeing I should be!

Todays rating: Good :)


Ok I think I have got the hang of this now! It was tuff! I think I sent everyone an invite to write! LOL! So I kicked you off and now you can only read! I am slow! But I am ready to blog away! So get ready!


New Blogger

Good Hell this blogging thing is confusing! So I am a new blogger! I have no clue what I am going to write but I will try to keep it entertaining! My life is full of humor, so I am going to try my best! I need to check out other blogs to see what I put down on here!