Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Come What May, and Love it?

Yup I felt like blogging tonight. Not for anyone but myself. Maybe you have followed my link on the side of my page maybe not, Come What May and Love It. I am not a church going person, but I love the message. Now more then ever...

This last weekend my 13 year old nephew, Marshall, rolled a 4-wheeler and broke his back. After having pins placed in his back and has yet been able to move his legs, he still wears a magical smile. You go to see him in the hospital and hopefully raise his spirit, yet you are the one that leaves lifted. His amazing attitude and determination is so inspiring. He is 13 and has a future now that is so unknown, yet he still laughs. He doesn't say he wants to walk again he says he is going to walk again...and "by the end of the football season I will walk on the field with my team!"

Marshall is not a kid (I call him a kid because he is my little nephew, but he is more of a young man!) that sits around. He is in 8th grade and managed to make the sophomore football team. He is an even better baseball player. He has a huge future in front of him. He is incredibly smart and is a wiz on the computer. He has to be the nicest, sweetest, teenager out there. He has done everything right in his short life and he is the one who gets to face this trial. This video explains his attitude toward this trial in his life. It is amazing and inspiring.

I love you Marshall and we will all be there cheering for you! And when that time come you get to walk on that football field, I will be there. I will be there screaming and crying! I will not miss it for the world! XOXO