Monday, March 31, 2008

Good Bye to a Friend

Saturday we yet again morn a good friend. Suzie went to sleep on Saturday night and woke up in heaven. She left behind 3 children JJ, Billy, and Chasie. Suzie was a great friend and mom. I had known her for a short 3-4 years but she was always so nice. She had a smile on her face and was always making me laugh with her morbid sense of humor. As we all know I have one too! Suzie was dating an very old friend of mine Duane. I have known Duane for about 10-11 years and he has been through a ton. It is so sad that he must go through this challenge in life. The day of her funeral I had to work. At work a friend of mine brought in her pictures of Thailand. I came across this picture that had a saying on it. When I read it it kind of fit my day and I thought wow! It is a wonderful saying that is hanging on an aids exhibit in Thailand. Here is what it read....

The Spirit of those who died teach us how to think about our life today and the future.
We understand that life is all around us.
But sometimes we forget that we are all connected to all of life.
Death is a part of life and we forget to accept this truth.
Death leads to the birth of new life.

I think it is a great saying especially those who have dealt with death. I have been to many funerals in my short life and have know 4 young people in the last 8 months that have passed on. It is so hard to make sense of it all but when I read this it made me think. Things are much more then they appear to be. Life will carry on here on earth and we will meet our friends and family on the other side. Till we laugh again Suzie!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Fun!

To kick off Easter the night before Eric and I let the kids dye Easter Eggs. They had a great time, but Cache did get a little fussy because we started way too late! We ate pizza and just had a good time with the boys! Although I think Eric and I switch rolls for the night because he was the one worried about the mess and I was the one saying let them go for it!

That morning the Easter Bunny brought some awesome baskets for the kids! They got an outfit which the bunny brings every year and then a toy or 2! Mason loved the he got 3 XBox games, Cache loved his letter cards, and Dylann loved her glow worm! York has not gotten his yet because he is at his egg doners. He got some awesome shoes though and if he doesn't like them I may take them over!

Later that evening the family came over to have some grub and hang out! The night prior Eric and I stuffed about 150 Easter Eggs with candy for a hunt. They kids had a great time looking for eggs and eating the candy all night! Of course the night would not be complete with out rocking out on a little Rock Band!

Model in Action

So the other day Cache brought me my camera because he wanted his picture taken. So he hopped on the couch and proceeded to do this....

I did not pose him once! He did it all on his own! He is such a funny kid!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Totally Bored

1. How޲޲ old޲޲ wil޲޲l you޲޲ be in 3 yea޲޲rs޲?޲

2. Do you޲ thi޲nk you޲'ll޲ be mar޲rie޲d by the޲n?
Dumb Question! Yes

3. Wha޲t do you޲ loo޲k for޲war޲d to mos޲t in the޲ nex޲t 3 mon޲ths޲?
war޲m wea޲the޲r and vacations!

4. Who޲ was޲ the޲ las޲t per޲son޲ you޲ cal޲led޲?

5. Hav޲e you޲ eve޲r pla޲yed޲ a tea޲m spo޲rt?޲

6. Who޲ was޲ the޲ las޲t per޲son޲ to tex޲t you޲?

7. Who޲ was޲ the޲ las޲t per޲son޲ you޲ hug޲ged޲?

8. Wha޲t wer޲e you޲ doi޲ng at mid޲nig޲ht las޲t nig޲ht?޲

9. Par޲ent޲s sep޲ara޲ted޲/di޲vor޲ced޲/ma޲rri޲ed?޲

10.޲ Las޲t tim޲e you޲ saw޲ you޲r dad޲?
Last week

11.޲ How޲ man޲y sta޲tes޲ hav޲e you޲ vis޲ite޲d?
UT, NV, CA, WA, WY, ID, AZ, TX, MN, AL, GA, FL, PA I think that is it!

12.޲ If you޲ cou޲ld be any޲whe޲re rig޲ht now޲, whe޲re wou޲ld it be?޲
Somewhere warm and sunny

13.޲ Do you޲ pre޲fer޲ sho޲es,޲ soc޲ks,޲ or bar޲e fee޲t?
fli޲p flo޲ps

14.޲ Are޲ you޲ a soc޲ial޲ per޲son޲?

15.޲ Wha޲t was޲ the޲ las޲t thi޲ng you޲ dra޲nk?޲
Diet Coke- shocker

16.޲ Fav޲ori޲te ice޲ cre޲am?޲
Col޲d Sto޲ne Cheese Cake or any mint ice cream

17.޲ Wha޲t is you޲r fav޲ori޲te des޲ser޲t?

18.޲ Wha޲t’s޲ you޲r fav޲ori޲te col޲or?޲
green and blue

19.޲ Wha޲t Jel޲ly do you޲ put޲ on you޲r PBJ޲?

20.޲ Do you޲ lik޲e cof޲fee޲?
yes I can't make it through a day without it!

21.޲ How޲ man޲y gla޲sse޲s of wat޲er a day޲ do you޲ dri޲nk on ave޲rag޲e?

22.޲ Wha޲t do you޲ dri޲nk in the޲ mor޲nin޲g?

23.޲ Wou޲ld you޲ rat޲her޲ kis޲s som޲eon޲e wit޲h or wit޲hou޲t a ton޲gue޲ rin޲g?
I guess without cause my husband dosent have one

24.޲ Do you޲ sle޲ep on a cer޲tai޲n sid޲e of the޲ bed޲?
yes, my side

25.޲ Do you޲ kno޲w how޲ to pla޲y pok޲er?޲

26.޲ Wha޲t’s޲ so goo޲d abo޲ut Fri޲day޲s?
well if it is my weekend off it means fun, if not, it means a start of a new week

27.޲ Any޲ pla޲ns for޲ thi޲s wee޲k?
Yeah a few! It is easter!

29.޲ How޲ big޲ is you޲r TV?޲
uhm too damn big

30.޲ Eve޲r sto޲len޲ a str޲eet޲ sig޲n?

31.޲ Do you޲ kee޲p a pig޲gy ban޲k?

32.޲ Wha޲t kin޲d of cam޲era޲ do you޲ hav޲e?

33.޲ Hav޲e you޲ eve޲r bee޲n in an amb޲ula޲nce޲?
Yes and it had to stop for gas!

34.޲ Do you޲ pre޲fer޲ an oce޲an or a poo޲l?
a pool over looking the ocean! Ahhh I miss Cabo!

35.޲ Do you޲ pre޲fer޲ a win޲dow޲ sea޲t or an ais޲le sea޲t?

36.޲ Do you޲ kno޲w how޲ to dri޲ve a sti޲ck shi޲ft?޲

37.޲ Wha޲t is you޲r fav޲ori޲te thi޲ng to spe޲nd mon޲ey on?޲
my kids

38.޲ Do you޲ wea޲r any޲ jew޲elr޲y 24/޲7?

39.޲ Do you޲ spe޲ak any޲ oth޲er lan޲gua޲ge?޲

40.޲ Can޲ you޲ rol޲l you޲r ton޲gue޲?

41.޲ Who޲ is the޲ fun޲nie޲st per޲son޲ you޲ kno޲w?
I know a lot of funny people... I like a good sence of humor!

42.޲ Wha޲t is the޲ mai޲n rin޲g ton޲e on you޲r pho޲ne?޲
Linkin Park, everyone laughs at work when it goes off... it is so me!޲

43.޲ Wha޲t kin޲d of pho޲ne do you޲ hav޲e?

44.޲ Wha޲t is the޲ col޲or of you޲r bed޲roo޲m wal޲l?

45.޲ Do you޲ shu޲t off޲ the޲ wat޲er whe޲n you޲ bru޲sh you޲r tee޲th?޲

46.޲ Hav޲e you޲ eve޲r bro޲ken޲ a bod޲y par޲t?

47.޲ Do you޲ cur޲ren޲tly޲ hat޲e som޲eon޲e?

48.޲ Do you޲ mis޲s any޲one޲ rig޲ht now޲?

Dang spell check is broke again! Don't they know I am the worst speller in the world!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Can I Have a Crystal Ball Please???

So today we went to visit one of the three schools that Cache will be attending. Today we visited JMS. I have never thought I would be faced with deciding my child's fate so early in life. Here is our choices and so far what I know...

Jean Massieu School for the Deaf(JMS)- This school is complete signing. The teachers sign during class and no voices are used. Most teachers themselves are def but some can speak. This school is an all day school and ranges from preschool to 12th grade. Although when the kids hit 10th grade they attend Skyline High and either have def classes or they have an interrupter in class. They only get about 15 minutes of speech therapy a week. Here is what I liked about it... The kids were 3 years old and amazing. They completely communicated with one another and there teacher in ASL. They knew the whole alphabet by sign. Just to watch them was incredible! I think Cache thought it was pretty neat too because the kids were just like him. Of course he immediately jumped in and played with the kids. I know Cache will be safe here, safe from ridicule and just plain mean kids. He will be around kids that are like him and he won't have to feel different from others. He will have enough of that when he gets older. He will know ASL and if his hearing ever gets worse he will not have to learn it later when it is harder. What I don't like... The fact that he may not be using his listening and verbal skills to there full potential. We will never know till he gets older if Cache will ever speak or hear enough to function like a hearing person. Is he going to feel different because he goes to a different school the his brothers and sister? Will he want what they have and the things traditional schools have to offer. Will we as a family learn ASL enough to communicate with him? We will really have to hit it hard and get learning! These kids are already signing things I don't know! Will the extended family understand him and will they too try to learn so they can communicate with him without us being there?

Upland Terrace- This is also ran by the schools for the Def and Blind. They have 2 programs and I have not been here yet. They use these programs to main stream the kids into traditional school but may attend the special ed class in traditional school...

Auditory- This is auditory only with no signing. I know we will not go this route because no matter what, I know Cache needs ASL, we just don't know to what extent.

Complete Communication- This class focuses on auditory but does sign also. Signing is not the main focus and uses sign but push the kids to use their hearing mainly. Now what if Cache can't hear? He is sever to profoundly def. His hearing aids may not benefit him. The chances are he may not be able to speak. Have I just let him down by putting him in a class he can't even understand? Then we are at JMS anyway but he is far behind.

Then there is Murray but this would be like the auditory class and we will not be doing this.

So does anyone have a crystal ball I can borrow? We seriously have to make the hardest decision here! Does anyone have a thought on this? I could use some help here!

Happy St. Patricks Day

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My Great Weekend!

Grandma Patty and the Kids!

It was such a great weekend! I kicked off Friday in a great mood despite not having any sleep! Mason woke up and got ready for school, no fights, no yelling "get dressed" a 100 times. It was great, I told him he would get a surprise since he was so good! After I picked him up, we got McD's! His favorite thing to eat! I then bought tickets to go see Horton Hears a Who. It was just released that day and Cache absolutely loves Dr. Seuss! Dilly Bugs stayed home with Aunt CeCe and I took Collie and Thomas. It was a really cute movie and kept the kids attention. Cache did get a little distracted in the middle but watched the end. The ending was the funniest cause one of the little guys floats up in space and Cache was amazed at this, pointing his little finger up at the screen. It was very cute! Later that night I went out with Lisa and a few of her friends to see 27 Dresses. It was very cute and very girly! It was a great time. Saturday we took the kids bowling for a birthday party of a friend. It was fun but Cache would rather play on the arcade games then bowl. Later that night Eric and I had a date... well a date plus Jason. One of our good friends. We waited in line for Cheese Cake Factory. It has been open now 5 months and there is still a 2 hour wait! It is insane but I engorged myself! I ate my favorite thing fire roasted artichoke, crusted chicken, and of course cheese cake! I was nearly puked after but it was well worth it! Unfortunately Sunday I had to work but I still had a great weekend!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hubby Hubba!

I have to say I have a great Hubby! He is a really good husband, dad, and friend! Today I have had a very stressful day, with nothing major but just being tried and worn out. Plus being tested by my children! I think God must have a sense of humor because he gave the most inpatient person 4 kids! So my sweet Eric got me Cookies-by-Design! He is really a good husband. I am pretty luck and I really scored with him! My sister-in-law, Lisa, says's Eric rare because he will watch my kids and hers so we can go to Walmart together. That no other husband would do this. I just think he loves me the kids and has so much patients (he is married to me!) that is really does not bother him. For someone who never wanted kids he sure is a great dad! Talking him into 2 was hard enough! I am sure he never imagined he would have 4! I thought I would share what a great guy I married! Honey I love you and thanks for putting up with me I know it is not an easy task! XOXO!

Mason, Cache, and I ate a few before I took the pic! They are yummy cookies!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I am so tired!

I should be in bed right now! I am so tired! But no here I am posting! I will make it a quick one! Today wore me out! I did not get home till 1:30 in the morning and got to bed around 2:30. Kids woke up early! I cleaned up a very little :)! Eric came home and we made dinner ate and watched American Idol! Eric says I am cut off from drinking wine on American Idol night because I teared up after Brook's performance! It was so sweet though! I felt so bad for David A. too! I hope he survives! Nothing exciting today nor anything to laugh at! I did run on the treadmill for 20 minutes. I was happy about that! I am off to bed! Sweet dream you all!

Today's Rating: sleepy

Monday, March 10, 2008

Quick Fifteen

So I have to stay at work 15 more minute to get my hours so I thought I would post really quick! The time change really put a wrench in things today! It felt like the day flew till I got to work! So today when I finally felt like I got things caught up and the babies were asleep I decide to get productive and clean the office. This is no easy task! Well I started getting a grove when I stumbled over a big tote full of old pictures. It was so cool. Mason came in and asked me to play xbox with him and I started showing him baby pictures of him. He then gave his o so famous but you never get sick of line... "I love my family!" It is so cute! So I came across some awesome pictures. I found one of me holding Mason when he was brand new I just loved! It is funny because I remember seeing it when I got it but did not think twice. Now I am in love and I am going to find the disk for it so I can post it! It is such a beautiful picture of us. Maybe it is because they are getting older that I look at the picture so different now. I am going to get it framed. I love it! I also found some really cute ones of Yorky when he was little! He was such a cute little kid! I can't believe how big he is now. He is growing up to be such a great kid. I am so glad he is a part of our family and it would not be the same without him. He is great big brother. I think my goal is to get my pictures organized and and post some trips down memory lane. There are some really great ones! Stay tuned for that pic of Mason and me! I will post it soon!

Today's Rating: My cup runnith over

Friday, March 7, 2008

Where Did The Week Go?

What a fun filled week it has been! Yes that is sarcasm at it's best! So worked all weekend. Same old same old.
8:00 Eric goes to hospital for his little surgery (had some lumps removed)
10:30 I have finished the whole People magazine... I have to say Brad Pitt looked pretty dang cute with his kids on the slopes!
11:30 Finally he is done and I can go back, but first I must go get Mason from school
1:30 We are finally home
2:00 Put in movie to veg
3:00 York gets home complains on a tummy ache

This is where the excitement begins!

Melissa: I hope it is not a appendicitis
Eric: You Lindsay's are all hypercondriacts, he has the flu... York go lay down and drink a Sprite

30 Minutes later...

York doesn't look so good. No fever... push on right side... scream... push on left side... nothing... get in the car we are going to the hospital

4:00 In Primary's emergency room
1:30 (the next morning) Primary's Operating Room wish York well to get his appendix out!

Can I say... I called it! Melissa M.D.!

Yup my son has terrible timing. He needed to still the light from his dad and get all the attention. He (York) was such a trooper! He was in a ton of pain and you would not have know it! His appendix was so infected that Dr. Matlak said he could barley get it out. We were really lucky to have gotten up there when we did! Did I say that I CALLED IT! Lindsay's are so psycho my ass! Before he went into the OR were all joking around with him about how Dr. Matlak was going to take a nap or maybe do it blind folded. York was not laughing! So as he was going under the doctor said that he said this "Are you going to pass out when you see the blood?" Dr. Matlak said the whole OR was laughing and that he thinks that was the funniest thing he had heard! Now after was not such a great event. York came out of the anesthesia fighting! He was screaming. It was very said and frustrating because his mother was there and she was a total pain in the ass the whole time! 24 hours of that women would drive anyone crazy! They finally got him to calm down when his oxygen levels dropped and the nurse had to shake him. It scared me! But he made it through the night and he had the sweetest cutest nurse ever that night, Dedria. The next morning he was a walking fool and ate as soon as he could! He did awesome! That morning his nurse was Kerri and she was just as cute! So he spent one more night and got to come home on Wednesday. He was happy to be home and I was happy to have him here! I spend enough time there! Out of all my kids and how many times they all have been in the hospital I never would have thought he would be the first one to be admitted to Primary's since we moved! He is still doing great and starting to get back to his old self. Trying to get caught up on his homework is a nightmare!

The rest of my week was busy full of appointments for Cache. I will blog on that later!

Something to be thankful for... they fixed spell check!

This weeks rating: exhausting!