Saturday, September 27, 2008

6 Crazy Quirks...

Tagged from Luara-Ann.....
Definition of quirk:
n.1. A peculiarity of behavior; an idiosyncrasy: "Every man had his own quirks and twists" Harriet Beecher Stowe.
2. An unpredictable or unaccountable act or event; a vagary: a quirk of fate.

Rules: Link the Person who Tagged you. Mention rules on your blog. Tell about 6 quirks of yours. Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same.Leave a comment to let them know.

I don't have 6 friends but I will try!!!!

1. I have to have coffee in the morning or I am worthless all day!

2. I like clean. Clean everything. Now I don't always accomplish clean because I have 4 kids but if I didn't my house would be spotless and I would be the most organized person in the world!

3. My laundry! Sorry Lisa and Chelby! I am forever grateful and don't feel you have to stop! I am just weird about it when I do it! I don't know what you do so it doesn't bother me! I must have it folded right and it must be folded as soon as the drier ends. If I am not home I restart it and then fold when done! I have to put the right things (soaps, etc.) in the right loads depending on color. I have to have the right setting for example... towels and blankets are always put on sanitize. I am a freak I know! This also goes for dishes! There must be nothing on a dish when put in the dishwasher. I must have things put in the spot where I like them! I use the dishwasher as a sanitizer not a cleaner!

4. I strive for perfection! I don't always succeed (at all) but I try! I want to be the best at everything and when I am not it bugs me!

5. When I DO get ready, I have to do it in order or I would forget to put on my deodorant or wash the shampoo out of my hair. I am with you on this Luara-Ann! I totally do the same thing!

6. Sleep! I must have it! I am, forgive me for saying, a bitch when I don't get it! I love to sleep in and it drives me crazy when I let Eric sleep in and he gets up at 9:00. That is not sleeping in! 10:00, 11:00 that is sleeping in! He waisted a perfect sleeping in day! I am a Lindsay, what can I say!

I tag,
Arg I don't have 6 friends... Lisa- don't complain just do it, Chelby- if she would ever blog, Julie- if you just so happen to read this, Kelly- I know you never read my blog, Jennica- she may pass by, Katie- it is her husband that blogs so this won't happen. K, I found 6 barly!

Hope you have fun doing this.........

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mom by Day, Striper by Night

It's a rough life you know... being a striper at night. The house calls and the men, arg, it is a killer! Are you wondering what the hell I am talking about yet? Well get ready to laugh your ass off cause this is a good one!

The mood: Saturday night quite, chilly ,not much going on, it's a great movie night.

Lisa decides to come over for a movie.(Lisa is my sister-in-law and neighbor.) Well she also brought a big bag of cloths that was our nieces. We were going to give them to another friend and neighbor Chelby for her daughters. We decide to go through the bag for fun. We were bord. Let me tell ya the first thing that I pulled out that caught my eye... a red shiny "American Idol" short skirt that was hot! We laugh and throw it in the pile. What? Another thing that catches my eye? Knit stockings! Sweet! I am sure this is what the girls have always wanted! Finally the last thing that really grabbed me a black lacy top with velvet! Oh what a number! It was screaming my name! I had to wear it all together! All I have to say is WOW! I look hot! Like a striper! 2nd South and State here I come!
We took a venture to Chelby's house, you know, to show her the cloths we had in store for her girls! She really did appreciate it! She Always wanted the stripper life for them, and now they had the outfit!
Side note- Chelby would never even let her kids so much as try on this number!
Then it hit us, an adventure! Let's go see Jennica, she will find it funny. So off we went. As we are driving through the neighborhood we see Natalie is having a a party at her house. Well actually it is her husband Ben and it is guys night! Yes this gets good!
Phone call to Natalie... we are going to play a little joke on the boys! She is all game for it! FYI... I know none of these men but I do know most of there wives! And they are all very good boys and hold Temple Recommends. For my readers who don't know what that means... they are the cream of the crop Mormons. They follow all the rules and would never even think about stripers!

Melissa Walks to the door... knock knock!
Natalie answers, I am going to get Ben.
Ben opens door...
Melissa: Yeah I got a page to be here?
Melissa: Really?
Ben: No I am sorry, I am so sorry NO!
Melissa and Natalie: Laugh!
Natalie: Ben it is my friend!
Ben: Oh thank you! Very relived! Hey please come down stairs I would love to do this to my buddies!
Melissa takes deep breath... believe it or not I was REALLY nervous.
We all walk to the top of the stairs.
Ben opens the door and says...
Ben: Who ordered the striper? I am trying not to laugh at all there faces! There jaws were dropped to the floor in amazement!
Natalie picking on a poor boy says Joel was this you!
Poor Joel just shakes his head.
Ben: I wanna know who did this!
Then it came out we could not keep it straight any more.

That my friends was classic! I will never forget those poor men's faces! I am so sorry you were the butt of the joke, but it was great!

I needed a drink and Jennica was not home yet. So off to the gas station. I contemplated just having one of the girls get it, then I thought, no this will be fun! I walk in and the 3 people that were in there just stared at me! Mind you I am in a mini van! I grab a bottle water and go pay. I finally just start laughing because I could feel the eyes staring at me in the back of my head! It was awesome!

Next we are off to Jennica's. She knows something is up we called her to see if she was home. Her husband just looked at me like I was crazy! He knew who I was! He grew up with my brother, so he was really no fun! He just said please don't get arrested! Words you should not take lightly!

Last but not least Julie and her poor hubby Trent. Trent is a seminary teacher and probably the nicest guy! We get there and knock but no answer. I was really nervous because they have teenagers! So we think about what to do. Then a cop drives by! OH shit, I am going to jail! Then I see Trent walk by! It is now or never, so I knock!

Trent: Hello.
Melissa: Yeah I got a page to be here?
Trent: Really? He is sooo confused.
Melissa: Yeah
Trent: Well would you like to come in, you look cold!
Julie: HI, nice outfit Melissa. Trent this is Melissa Lisa's sister-in-law.
Trent: OH!
Everyone starts laughing!
Now I actually feel bad for Trent. He did not think twice about me and that I may have been a call girl. He is this good! I really feel bad! I am sooo sorry Trent! As Julie put it... he was probably going to give you a blessing! I probably need one after that! Julie you have a good man! I am sorry Trent! Lisa put me up to it!

Overall it was funny and we had a blast being dumb! I will never ever forget the look on all the men's faces that were at Natalie's. I just keep laughing! Thank you for letting us have a good time at your expense!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Dylann... My Dilly Bugs!

Yup my baby girl is officially 2! I can't believe it. I remember the day we had her like it was yesterday. I knew she would be in the hospital a few day with all of our heart issues. I remember just looking at her and thinking how beautiful she was. Her dark hair with curls, and gorgeous skin. The day after I had her Eric left for Utah with the kids and I stayed in Vegas waiting to take her home. It was a long few days. Eric was supposed to come back that weekend to get us. When I finally got to take her home I was alone and came home to an empty house. I was so lonely so I decided the next morning I was going to pack us up and drive to Utah alone! Which I did! I bought 3 new CD's for the ride hoping I could keep her occupied with my singing! HA HA! I bought the Cars soundtrack, Carrie Underwood, and I can't remember the other one. Must not have listened to it long! She did great on the ride to our new life in Utah.

Dylann has grown so much. She walks, runs, and keeps up with those brothers anyway she can! She loves to play with older girls and Sassy Cassy is her favorite! They share the same curly hair and birthday! Dylann sings her ABC's and tries to sign them as she goes. She is starting to talk a lot and uses signs. She will now talk to her Daddy on the phone and tell him Hi and I love you, bye! She can yell all her brothers names and trust me they come running when she does! It usually goes like this... York where are you? She loves to give kisses to everyone that is around before going to bed and will not miss a brother. Even if they are not here she yells for them. Her and Cache are best buddies, they play, fight, and console one another when they are in trouble. It is the cutest thing ever! She has her tantrums of course and most of the time we laugh because she will go running in a different room close the door and scream and cry. Other times, the not so cute ones, she runs up to me and just takes a bite! Yeah that one is supper fun! She is a beautiful little girl and I am so grateful God has given her to us. She was such a surprise but the best one at that. She really completes our family and I could never imagine not having her. We love you so much thank you for completing our family!

Happy Birthday Dilly Bugs!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Metro Sexual Kindergartner

Yes my little kindergartner is a Metor Sexual 5 year old, but a very cute one at that! He is so handsome! He had his first day of kindergarten, and of course loved it. He has a great teach Ms. Keith! He made her a cute little card and we got her some Diet Coke and candy bars. (I was told she liked them!) So as he was getting ready he had to have some smell good stuff on. "You know the stuff that makes girls like you!" Yes he means perfume! He loves Axe spray and I have to say it smells good. My husband gave him a hug and then comes up and whispers to me does he have on Axe, yes! He is a silly boy, and did I mention HANDSOME! He is so excited for school. He loves it. I think he wins cutest kid in class award! REALLY!

Cache's Story

Cache is an amazing child! I call him our life savor and hero. I can not begin to describe how much this child has and will endure in his life time. Cache was born at 37 weeks, 7 pounds 14 ounces, 19.5 inches long, and came out fighting.
We were living in Las Vegas at the time and I was about 32 weeks along. It was time for my appointment. I was excited another ultra sound to see the little guy. I was being monitored for my pre-term labor. There it was the heart rate, the thing you can’t wait to hear, and the reassuring drumming dance that comes out of your belly. You would think that this would be a happy moment, but the look on my doctor’s face said other wise. His heart is not fast enough. He is only at 90 beats and should be about 120. I am so sorry, but I have to send you to Labor and Delivery. What? How could this happen? I am not one to freak out, so off we went. Then the chaos happened. I was suddenly getting prepped for an emergency c-section. Heart block is what they were saying. Frantically we were trying to find babysitters and help. Flying grandma in from Utah, she could be here first thing in the morning. Then my doctor came in, it’s ok we are not going to take the baby. But they said, no, something is not right, but he looks ok. His ultrasound is great and if you were to show any doctor the heart strip and the ultrasound they would not think it was the same baby. Humm… special case, I am always the “special case”.
I was followed by so many doctors and so many tests. There were OB’s, neonatalologist, and pediatric cardiologist. It was a long 5 weeks. An amniocentesis was completed and the lungs showed mature. It was a wonderful 5 hours of labor total from start to finish. He looks great, but we are going to take him for tests. Not but 12 hours later he was being transferred to Sunrise Pediatric Hospital, and I was being discharged. When we got there we were greeted by the Pediatric Cardiologist, Dr. Acherman. He began to explain that Cache had a heart problem called Pro Long QT and bradycardia. He needed to be put on medication for the Pro Long QT but with the bradycardia there was no way because his heart rate would crash. He needed to place a pace maker in the morning. WOW! What a blow. What was supposed to be the happiest day turned out to be the scariest?
The surgery felt like forever. We were they only ones sitting in the waiting room because it was a Saturday morning. When all of a sudden 3 doctors came walking in. I think my heart sunk. Why 3? What happened? Then the surgeon spoke it went great. I think at that moment I was so overwhelmed with happiness that I wanted to just leap at him and give him a big hug. I could see he saw this on my face and just gave me the biggest smile and grabbed my hand. He is fine he said, still sleeping but fine! It was a long 3 weeks of recovery. A few set backs, his heart rejected the pacemaker and another surgery was performed to relive the fluid that was building up.
The day I took him home was the happiest day of my life. He wore the cutest preemie frog outfit that was so big on him from losing so much weight. My little guy came home.
We later found that this genetic syndrome was in my family, Cache’s uncle and cousins and sister all have it. He saved there life. By enduring so many challenges at the first of his life saved many others. A hero! Another side affect from one of the stands Cache has is hearing loss. Cache is also profoundly deaf. He has not once let these little challenges slow him down. He is not sturdy on his feet but he will keep up with you!
He is truly an amazing child that inspires me everyday. Just speaking of him can bring me to tears. I love him so much and that is why I have such a passion to inform others. I would never want to lose a child to such a fixable syndrome. Education is key and could save lives. Please visit to find out more on Pro Long QT.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's SADS Awareness Month!- Please Read This Post!

So as most know my family and children have been blessed with a genetic heart condition called Pro Long QT Syndrome. Well September is Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome (SADS) Awareness month. This is a very common undiagnosed syndrome that is also known as "The Silent Killer". So here it is! This is something near and dear to my heart and I would love to get the word out to as many people as I can! So if you love me you will copy this post and re-post on your blog with your own little ditty and ask all your friends to do the same thing! I know it sounds silly and lame but we do this with chain crap all the time, but this time it could save someones life!

So please help me for my cause! Thank you and I love you!

Here are some eye grabbing facts to help you along...

• Each year in the United States, 400,000 Americans die suddenly and
unexpectedly due to cardiac arrhythmia's. 3,976 of them are young
people under age 35

• Long QT Syndrome (LQTS) is 3 times more common than childhood
leukemia (ALL) in the US and occurs 1/3 as often as cystic fibrosis and
twice as often as PKU (an infant protein deficiency which causes
mental retardation)

• SADS occur in about 240 people per 100,000, with 20 having LQTS,
20 having ARVD and 200 with HCM

• 1 in 200,000 high school athletes in the US will die suddenly, most
without any prior symptoms

Hundreds of children and young adults die each year in the United States due to Long QT Syndrome.
Any young person who has experienced unexplained fainting should be tested.
It is extremely important that all family members be tested for these conditions once one family member is identified as having the condition.
SADS’ Mission: To save the lives and support the families of children & young adults who are genetically predisposed to sudden death due to heart rhythm abnormalities.
Long QT Syndrome
What is Long QT Syndrome (LQTS)?
1. LQTS is a disturbance of the heart's electrical system, causing an abnormality of the heartbeat, or rhythm of the heart.
2. Because of this abnormality, affected people are vulnerable to sudden fainting (syncope) and even death.
3. Unfortunately, many times the cause of the syncope is overlooked and the events are called simple fainting spells or seizures.
4. Most often, these events occur during physical exertion or emotional stress. In some they occur during sleep.
5. Fortunately, most of these deaths are preventable if the condition is recognized and treated.
What are the Symptoms?
♥ Fainting episodes (syncope) during or immediately after physical activity
♥ Fainting as a result of emotional excitement/distress/startle
♥ Family history of unexplained death below age 40
How is it Diagnosed?
The diagnosis is made from an ECG that has been read by a cardiologist, not a computer. Usually a series of ECGs will enable your doctor to diagnose LQTS. In some cases, an exercise ECG or event monitor will clarify the diagnosis. Finally,a diagnostic genetic test is now available and is extremely useful for diagnosis and treatment.
How Is It Treated?
Treatment is very effective in the vast majority of patients. Medications called beta-blockers are effective in about 90% of patients. In the remaining cases, a pacemaker or automatic defibrillator is used.
A child should be seen by a doctor if she/he has:
• Family history of unexpected, unexplained sudden death in a young person
• Fainting (syncope) or seizure during exercise, excitement or startle
• Consistent or unusual chest pain and/or shortness of breath during exercise

Thank you to all who repost!

For more information contact...

Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome (SADS) Foundation
508 East South Temple Suite 20
Salt Lake City, UT 84102
800-STOP SAD or 801-531-0937
Fax: 801-531-0945

Bribery... It may work!

So this is something I never want to forget! Yesterday Mason and Dylann were playing. Mason asked Dylann to come help him. Dylann of course just sat there. So Mason says "Dylann come help me and I will give you a hug!" How cute is that! She didn't come help but he still did give her a hug. And when he did she wrapped her little arms and legs around him like a tree trunk! I love when my kids show they love one another. I always want them to be close and best friends.

Cache's First Day of School!

So I am late posting! I have been busy and working! I have 780 pictures to go through from our trip... so 1 day you might see those! But first... Cache! He was so excited the second the bus got here! He knew right where he was going! He has a love for school like Mason. I love it! I could not imagine struggling and making him get on that bus! His "awesome teacher" (I am being sarcastic, I am not a fan of her, and I don't know how the year is going to go!) said he did good. Which I guess is a compliment coming from her. He took in treats the other day and was so excited to give them to his teacher! He is so cute. I hope this year we see some progress, but if not, then he will take his own little path. Which either way I will be so happy and proud of him!

York is back in school! I am a bad mom and forgot to get up an take some pics! We had just gotten back from our trip late the night before! He likes his school and his classes. York has a great group of friends he hangs out with. I am pretty happy he has found some good ones!