Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 19, 2009

When Part of You Dies

It always seems that when someone you love and are close to dies, they take a little piece of you. My Grandmother was one of those people. She was an amazing woman, horrible cook, but amazing woman.

It’s been over 10 years since she passed away and I still think of her now and again. It may have been a song or something as simple as Campbell’s soup but a memory still sparks every now and then. When we went to see the lights at Temple Square this was by far, no exception. Everyday life with my Grandmother consisted of waking up to a hot bowl of Cream of Wheat while my sister, Amanda, cousins, and I fought over the lumps. You could guarantee that lunch and dinner would consist of soup out of a can and bread with butter. Like I said, she was a horrible cook but she made a mean bowl of Cream of Wheat and Campbell’s soup.

The trips down town were no exception. Calling for the bus schedule, fighting over who got to pull the string to tell the bus driver it was our time to get off. That ding would ring and off the bus we went. Our first stop would be to the ZCMI center to eat some lunch and get ice cream. We would usually get to pick a treat out of the big bulk candy to take home. Then off to Temple Square to walk around. We would walk all over and she would point out everything and tell us stories. She would never fail to know all about our ancestors and tell us everything they had done and all the trials they had gone through to just live their lives without prejudice and prosecution. It is those stories that have died with her. I can seem to remember the trips up there but the stories are gone; such a sad thing to have lost. I will forever miss her and hope to someday see her again.

Temple Square at Christmas is such an amazing sight. It is so beautiful and breathe taking. We listened to a choir for a few songs and the sound was amazing. Music can really move the soul. We had just missed the chance to go see the amazing statue of Jesus. That is my favorite thing at Temple Square and remember just staring at is as a child and not quite understanding it but feeling overwhelmed by its beauty. Maybe next year I can take the kids to see it. We had a great time as a family and hope my kids never forget such unforgettable memories.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Catch Up...again!

My board-ness today has sent me to blogging. No school and no car with the lack of ambition to clean lead me to get a little caught up on blogging. So what is up in the last oh 8 months? Lots!

First off, I don’t work anymore. This has been great for school and the kids. I have had time to work more on my studies and have really been trying to get things done for the kids. Although I am pretty sure we miss my pay check. I think that has been a hard adjustment for us.

We recently just bought a house and we love it! We put tons of work into before we moved in. We are still working on a few things, but it is sooo close. We live in the mountains and it is so beautiful. I will even take the feet of snow we have! We have great neighbors and we could not have made a better choice.

Umm, I changed my major. Yes believe it or not I have made a full turn for something completely different. I decided I am done with health care and I am going to do something different with my life. I should have my business degree by the end of next summer or fall at the latest. Then I am off to the U of U, GO UTES! I am thinking engineering with an emphasis on alternative engineering. My only other thought is to stay with business and have an emphasis on project management. I think I am going for nerd and staying with engineering! School has been great and I love it. I wish I had not done it he hard way, (having kids first) but it has been so worth it.

Eric works his little butt off to support our family and helps with the kids while I am at school. I am a lucky wife and my kids have a great dad!

York is growing up fast. Although sometimes he makes me want to pull my hair out, he has turned into a pretty good young man. I think we are pretty lucky. He is a great brother to his little ones. He has found some really good friends around our new house and the new school, although new, he seems to have really adjusted fast. Of course we are now in the stage of girl friends but I think he has a good head on his shoulders. I don’t worry too much and I always get to meet the girls.

Mason has the best teacher this year. We love her. She has really helped him get his reading going more and, of course, loves him. She always tells me she wants to take him home. He is such a sweet boy! He has made a few new friends also.

Cache is Cache! He is always an adventure. He is such a funny kid. We were very fortunate this year to get a new teacher. She has been so fabulous and has really helped Cache. She has given all of us hope that one day he will be able to verbally communicate. She says he is the best kid in her class. He has now started therapy outside of school and we are pushing hard to get him to his aged appropriate levels. He has physical, occupational, and speech therapy on a regular basis. His heart has seemed to be fine and has had no shocks from his new and improved defibulator. He has had no signs of another seizer and we do not think that he will.

Dylann, my little princess is such a fun girl. I love having a girl. She is growing up fast too. She is learning lots and almost has her numbers down and we are working on her alphabet. She loves princesses and fairies and goes crazy the second she sees one anywhere. We did have a scare with her this summer while in Disneyland, California. That is probably a whole different post. I really should post about it and maybe I will next. But to make it as simple as we can, we found out the hard way that her medication can cause low blood sugar. She was near death by the time we got to the hospital and they worked their magic and saved her life by giving her dextrose (sugar) through her bone marrow. I think out of the all days I have had, this by far was the scariest. God was defiantly watching over us that day. I feel pretty blessed to still have her. She has only had 1 episode since and we caught it in time and gave her that yummy dextrose gel. Other then that she is great!

Wow, that is a lot to write! I wish I had more time to blog. I am really going to make it a goal this year to at least post once a month. It is such a great way to journal and share. Life is good, hard, but totally worth it!