Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Here's My Sign...

Our Yearly Signs for Go Red Month!

Cache's Cochlear Implant Journey

Our cochlear implant journey has been an exciting, scary, and amazing journey so far. Our decision for implanting Cache was never an easy one. We only want what is best for him, and we decided opening this door would only help him. While our expectations of oral outcomes are not high, we are very hopeful it will be successful, because honestly, there is nothing Cache does that is not with all his broken heart. We really did our research on this one. I asked advice from people in our same position, Deaf friends, and the people who work with Cache at school. We took it all in and weighed all our options. While my brain told me Cache did not “need” this, my heart told me Cache loves sound, loves speech, and wants more than anything to have an easier time communicating with his hearing peers. That is what sold me. Cache will always have ASL, and it will ALWAYS be is first language. Maybe one day he won’t like his cochlear implant, and that is fine because he will always have ASL. There is many people we may have disappointed in our choice, many people who were excited for us, but the most important thing was, that Cache was happy. Today I am happy to report he LOVES his cochlear implant! He is doing very well and picking up sound at a pretty rapid pace. I love talking to him, and I can even give a whisper of his name and he turns. Pretty amazing stuff! But then again, it is Cache, and he NEVER stops amazing me. As for the surgery, he did well. This is the one thing I was a wreck for since being under anesthesia can be so dangerous for his heart. Coming out of the anesthesia was a little bit of a challenge and his heart was not 100% cooperating, but he pulled through and we got to go home the next day.

The switch on day was amazing. He was over excited to have his devise turned on! He was in awe of his own little voice. It is definitely a day I will never forget! He was so excited to get in a bath with his new cochlear implant! Yup, it is waterproof! Now we just work hard at listening and hope speech comes. I think it will because my boy is amazing and defies all laws and rules! The Switch on....