Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blogging Bore!

So I have been horrible at blogging. I haven't had much to blog about really. We are just living life and staying busy. The kids are good, school is good, and work stinks. So I will give you a brief boring run down...

York- Same old teenager filled with drama. I never thought boys would have this much drama. All I have to say girlfriends are lame!

Mason- Is just Mason. Not too exciting, but he is becoming quite a good reader...FINALLY!

Cache- He is all healed from his surgery and running around like his old "Monster" self. He has been signing sentences now and even trying to say the words. His teacher even comment that he was doing good...SHOCKER!

Dylann- This girl is drama! OMG I can't take it. I just want to beat her at times! Really! She is such a snot! I can't imagine having more than one girl. I know what god was thinking now! It is all too clear. It is a good thing she is so stinking cute or I may have beaten her!

As for Eric and I, we are good. Just living our crazy life. I am going to school and he is watching the kids... a lot! I feel bad because that is all I do on my free time. But he is awesome and helps me a ton! Other then that life is pretty much the same. Yes I know this is boring!