Friday, March 7, 2008

Where Did The Week Go?

What a fun filled week it has been! Yes that is sarcasm at it's best! So worked all weekend. Same old same old.
8:00 Eric goes to hospital for his little surgery (had some lumps removed)
10:30 I have finished the whole People magazine... I have to say Brad Pitt looked pretty dang cute with his kids on the slopes!
11:30 Finally he is done and I can go back, but first I must go get Mason from school
1:30 We are finally home
2:00 Put in movie to veg
3:00 York gets home complains on a tummy ache

This is where the excitement begins!

Melissa: I hope it is not a appendicitis
Eric: You Lindsay's are all hypercondriacts, he has the flu... York go lay down and drink a Sprite

30 Minutes later...

York doesn't look so good. No fever... push on right side... scream... push on left side... nothing... get in the car we are going to the hospital

4:00 In Primary's emergency room
1:30 (the next morning) Primary's Operating Room wish York well to get his appendix out!

Can I say... I called it! Melissa M.D.!

Yup my son has terrible timing. He needed to still the light from his dad and get all the attention. He (York) was such a trooper! He was in a ton of pain and you would not have know it! His appendix was so infected that Dr. Matlak said he could barley get it out. We were really lucky to have gotten up there when we did! Did I say that I CALLED IT! Lindsay's are so psycho my ass! Before he went into the OR were all joking around with him about how Dr. Matlak was going to take a nap or maybe do it blind folded. York was not laughing! So as he was going under the doctor said that he said this "Are you going to pass out when you see the blood?" Dr. Matlak said the whole OR was laughing and that he thinks that was the funniest thing he had heard! Now after was not such a great event. York came out of the anesthesia fighting! He was screaming. It was very said and frustrating because his mother was there and she was a total pain in the ass the whole time! 24 hours of that women would drive anyone crazy! They finally got him to calm down when his oxygen levels dropped and the nurse had to shake him. It scared me! But he made it through the night and he had the sweetest cutest nurse ever that night, Dedria. The next morning he was a walking fool and ate as soon as he could! He did awesome! That morning his nurse was Kerri and she was just as cute! So he spent one more night and got to come home on Wednesday. He was happy to be home and I was happy to have him here! I spend enough time there! Out of all my kids and how many times they all have been in the hospital I never would have thought he would be the first one to be admitted to Primary's since we moved! He is still doing great and starting to get back to his old self. Trying to get caught up on his homework is a nightmare!

The rest of my week was busy full of appointments for Cache. I will blog on that later!

Something to be thankful for... they fixed spell check!

This weeks rating: exhausting!


Lisa said...

Truly exhausting - York is definetly in high spirits and feeling so much better!