Monday, May 12, 2008

Why I Hate Health Insurance!

S now that I am done with the last post I will go on to bigger and better things! Here is a warning I am going to rant like hell in this so beware! As you all are aware I work part time nights and I am tried most days! (I don't function well without sleep!) So Friday was no exception. I got home late Thursday night got a few hours of sleep and woke up to start my day! Cache does not have school on Fridays, yes I still need to blog about that, but Mason does. So I take Mason to school and of course I am ornery my kids are ornery and it is just one of those days. After Cache's teacher visits, we get in the car to go get Mason. By this time we are all tired! Diva came out of the house with us so I decided to let her go for a ride too! So off we went and much to my surprise the kids are screaming and upset for one reason or another! My precious little princess, I am being sarcastic as I say this, decides she is going to rip out Cache's hearing aid. So I grab from her. I was on the free way driving at the time so I just set it on the passenger seat so I can drive. Knowing that was a bad idea. In the mean while Cache is now pist off and takes off his seat belt, yes right on the free way! You see where this is going? So I am almost to the exit and I am yelling at him to get it back on! We stop I put it back on and we get Mason. Stop for gas, get home, make lunch, think to myself I should go get Cache's hearing aid but don't. Put babies to sleep. Then I decide to go get the hearing aid and what do I find..... an empty seat! I tear apart my car and no sign of it! By then I am thinking the dog ate it! Could that little tiny puppy swallow that big thing? Well I make the dog puke! How do I do this you ask? Well pour about a tablespoon of salt down your dogs throat and see what happens. Don't ask how I a know this! Even though I know it will be ruined when it comes out at least I know where it went. No signs of a puked up hearing aid. I call the school to see if it dropped out, no luck. I go to the gas station, no luck. It is now Monday and no luck! So why did I tell you this story? Here goes the ranting! Prepare!

The hearing aid that is now gone into the black hole of missing hearing aids was not ours! Yes there is a BIG black hole of hearing aids just ask any parent who has a child with hearing aids! See you can not buy your own aids till you see how well your child does on them so they loan you some. This is all done from Utah Schools for the Deaf, USD. As you have seen in previous posts they cost about 2K a piece. Well I will be buying that hearing aid now. Then I will be buying my own set! Drum roll please... yes that is now 6K in hearing aids. This my friend is why insurance sucks! They won't pay for my sons hearing aids! They will pay for him to have surgery and get a cochlear implant. So they want my son to have a needless surgery that cost approximately 116K and not pay for hearing aids. Why I have no clue, but this is why people are forced to get a cochlear implant. The alternative sucks! I am not a fan of the cochlear implant and I have my reasons and it is just not for us right now. Here is why... When a cochlear implant is placed it ruins the whole cochlear. This will never be able to be fixed and they will have to wear and have this the rest of there life. It is a very new technology and has only been around about 10 years but has recently been push for in the last 5. So can you imagine what will come next? They have already improved them greatly and you can't get an upgrade all to easy! It means another surgery that's if you can. It can cause vertigo and Cache already suffers from this tremendously! There is about a 3% increase of bacterial meningitis with a cochlear. Which doesn't seem too significant but with Cache he has an increase risk for infection due to his pace maker? They also push these on kids who have had meningitis because it causes profound deafness. Which then increases the risks even more! This really infuriates me! Also last but not least my son doesn't need to be fixed! He is fine the way he is. He is just as normal as you and I! He will do just fine in life! I am so sick of telling people my son is deaf and hearing "I am sorry!" Don't be cause I am not! I have learned so much from this little guy! I am so thankful to have him! When he was born I made a deal with God and I asked him to just let me keep him and I will take anything else you throw at me! He did and we are taking this as a blessing! I remember holding him at the hospital and telling him you are going to be something great when you get older, you are going to achieve great things! He already has in his short 3 years and he is truly my hero!

Don't get me wrong I am grateful to have health insurance! Without it I would be screwed! But I feel very strongly that if they paid for hearing aids it would benefit both the patient and them!