Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I think I am cool because I wear my girlfriends pants!

Yes we have official surpassed the eights in the ugliest cloths era! Boys wearing the ugliest tight pants ever. I have yet to see someone that actually looks good in these. How this became fashion my friends I just don't know? Quick story before I go into the point of the post... I boy about 15 came into the hospital with a testicular infection. Why you might ask? Well he was squeezing those little guys a little too tight in those pants! He could barley sit and they were swollen to a size you could not imagine. Not that I saw them, I just heard from the mother! Let that be a lesson boys... don't wear your girlfriends pants! Anyway... so yes my son is no exception to this new fashion fad. He likes them and wants them. But I and his father are holding firm on this one, no girl pants! So as you can imagine school shopping was going to be an adventure. I had a mission to help York fix this fashion foo pah he was in. I was determined to get him to like something other then "skate" clothes. He is getting older and I want the chicks to dig him. Tight pants would not be the kind of girl I want for my son! Here is how shopping went... Yes this is a long post but I needed to inform!

Walk in and take a few things back to Sears. Go to Aeropostal and exchange pants. He is tall and skinny and I am ok with pants that "fit" but it was really hard to find. Score we had this cute little gay boy find us some. Next do you want anything else. Hum and ha, no, ok what about these shorts. Yeah there ok. I grab them, you need a shirt to match, how about this one. (it was a polo) NO! OK I settle for a brown t-shirt.

As you see it looks super cute. FYI these pics where taken fast late and he needs a hair cut!

Next Pac Sun. They have a ton of backpacks. Of course I think he looked at them all and found the most hideous one and picked it. HELL NO! That is so fugly! (if you need to know what fugly is ask me in person!) Of course pouts like a 13 year old boy does. No they never stop pouting so get ready! Do you want anything else in here? NO! SASSY!

Zummies, the store I dread. I want skate pants. NO, this is not up for discussion. You are not getting them. POUT. How about this backpack. It is white try again. FINE! Dad calls... a few choice words were said and a smile pops back up on Yorks face. Finds a backpack and it looks cool. I like it. Sales boy begs me to let him try on some pants. Fine go ahead. All tight girly and of course fugly! I find a pair that may work. Yes they looks cute. Volcom, he is thrilled. Found cute Reef sandals. Other sales boy says this shirt is "Sick". I like it, sure. This one is the "sickest"! and I quote "That shirt makes me sick, NO!" Finds a jacket that is cute. We find some shoes there a little later but I did not want to go over that.

The new backpack

The pants and shoes (yes one of them is not laced up, ran out of time)

The shirt and flipflops

We are now off to Buckel where I spent too much money! The little sales boy there was great and helped me a ton. I got York to try on a button up shirt with a whole outfit and he liked it. I even made this young girl shopping come check him out and of course thought it looked cute! It was super cute! It was the cutest Guess jeans and shirt I had ever seen! The pic does not give it justice. I find so many things there that I am just tossing them over the door to try on. We find a ton and he looked soooo cute. I am very proud of myself and him for being such a sport!

It was a rough go at first but we ended up having so much fun! It is kind of fun having a teen around! SOMETIMES! Also do you notice anything different about York? It is kind of hard to see with these bad pics but he got braces. He is happy because he will have them off before high school.


Lisa said...

You guys did good - I love everything and he looks like a young man and not a skate punk!

Good job!!

Nisa & Colby said...

Ha ha ha! I think my mom goes through the same thing with my little bro. He is getting better though. I can't understand the tight pants either! It's gross! PS. Kick Colby around if he slacks off!

Jeremy, Laura-Ann and Madilynn Nutt said...

I have to totally agree on the tight girl pants for boys. And you know what makes me even more mad is it is making the price of our pants more money just for that reason. But I like the catalog layout of York and all his new outfits.

Kelly said...

I CAN'T BELIEVE HE TRIED ALL THAT ON! Connor gave me a limit of 2 try-ons, and the rest we would take a chance on and just take back if it didn't fit. Connor got the exact same shorts at Aeropostale but a different plaid. Buckle - a dangerously expensive place for these teens! Zach actually takes care of this department, and he has no qualms about spending a fortune on Connor's clothes if it will help him socially. Isn't that sick?

Chelby said...

All I can say is Keep him away from my house. Just Kidding! he looks good. We miss you guys come home to us soon.

Jennica said...

He looks cute... I mean cool! It is so expensive! I love taking "teen" shopping too. It brings back a ton of memories!