Monday, November 8, 2010

A Month of Being Thankful

November 8, 2010

Medicine...It has been a long day for our family today. Today my father started his chemo today. I haven't yet blogged about my father and his cancer yet. A little over a month ago my father was diagnosed with stage 3 esophageal cancer. I really did not know how to even start. I have really tried to stay positive so I figured blogging about would show some un-positive emotions. I didn't want that and still don't. So I will try to remain positive and keep talking about all the things I am grateful for. While he was receiving the medication to save his life, he had a heart attack. The most positive thing was that he was in a hospital. They were able to control it, and prevent anything fatal from happening. Unfortunately this has put a hold on his chemo. His heart will now take precedence over the cancer. I hope it turns up nothing and he can go back to receiving his chemo. We have long road ahead of us and I am not sure what that road looks like.


Jeremy, Laura-Ann and Madilynn Nutt said...

I so know what it is like to watch and not be able to do anything! Keep your head up and I will keep you and your family in my prayers!! Love ya!!!

Melissa said...

Thanks, Laura-Ann. To tell ya the truth, when my Dad was first diagnosed, you were one of the first people who popped into my head. I know you have been down this road, so you know exactly how if feels. I am grateful we are getting a chance to fight it. I know you weren't given that option with your mom. xoxo