Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This I Believe...

I believe motherhood is the hardest job a human being can have. Motherhood is not giving birth; it is when having a child turns your world upside down. Life, as you have come to know it, no longer exists, and your perspective on the world is changed forever. It starts when nothing matters more then this small, innocent, child you have graciously and courageously brought into this chaotic world. Motherhood begins when you have untiring sacrifice, untold influence, unfailing faith, and undying love. Motherhood is the greatest sacrifice. You no longer worry about yourself, the things you want or can't do. These take a back seat because your child’s needs always come first. That trip you wanted to take, the outfit you always wanted, or the sports car you can no longer fit a car-seat in, has now become nothing more then a washed away silly dream. Your time, money, and desires are now filled with changing diapers, carpooling, appointments, practice, homework, cooking, and other motherly duties. Most of all, making sure they have food on the table, a roof over their head, and are as healthy as a child can be. The desires you have now are to see them grow, succeed in life, and be happy. Your actions now, being mother, are more important and have more impact. Your actions shape future generations and have a larger impact on the world. How you are as a mother, a neighbor, a friend, a wife, is placed under a microscope and watched very carefully. Your child idolizes who you are and will want to become just like you. You are a super hero and do great and wonderful things such as make ouch-ies go away, bedtime tuck-ins, throw great birthday parties, rides to the mall, pay for their college, and baby-sit their children. You wear an "S" on your chest, even when at times; you feel it is not there. Your actions have a lasting effect on them that one day, they too, may wear an "S" on their chest, because great mothers, raise great mothers. No matter how bad the world is, no matter how bad your child makes mistakes; you always have faith in them. You know they will stumble, you know they will make mistakes, but they know you will always be there for them. You will pick them up when they stumble, brush them off, and tell them to do it again, because you have faith. When they make mistakes, you will tell them they were wrong, you will help them fix it, and you will make sure they know you still love them, because you have faith. You have more faith in your child then you do in all of humanity. The strongest love, the undying kind, is that of my children. There is no one on Earth I will ever love more, would ever do more for, or would ever give up so much for. I am now more vulnerable, more scared, when I send my children out into the world. I have never had a stronger heartache as when they hurt, because seeing them in pain, is far more painful then anything I have ever felt. I never feel as connected, so together as one, as I do with my children. A mother’s love, long after they are gone, will linger in their heart far deeper then anyone. A mother’s love will live on in them, and in their children, and in theirs. It is a life cycle of undying love that will never end with me, this I believe.