Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Poop, poop, and more poop!

Yes Wednesday is over! I would say I am excited for the weekend but I just have to work! It really blows! You know I should be rich! I would make an excellent rich person.

Today my mind was numb!! I tried so hard to think of something funny to post and I came up blank! It was just a bunch of empty thoughs. Things no one really cares about. So what in my day could I write about that people would actually laugh. Being a mom with 2 kids in diapers and having 2 extra kids in diapers, the only thing I could come up with is poop. Poop is kind of funny, when you think about it. It is like fart, you say fart to a kid and they laugh histarically! Try it or just fart and they will think it is the funniest thing. Kids look at there poop and there proud! Like they just climbed Mt. Everest. Yes men do the same thing! Now as adults...well women...we are not allowed to laugh at such disgusting things. Well if you had the poop day I had you are gonna be laughing!

Surgen Millers Warning:
Reading this story may cause unwanted sterilization. It is not for the childless or weak hearted. We hold no responsibility if you no longer are wanting to have children and use unreversable birth controll.

FYI... we have unreversable birth controll for this reason alone! We, the Millers, have taken this percation.

So I have 2 extra kids I am watching for the week. Keri 2 and the other Koby 5 months. Put Cache 2 and Dylann 1 in that and it make 4 kids that poop in diapers. Ok well we are going to minus Kobe because in all the time I have watched him (now going on 1.5 weeks) he has only pooped once. Which could be good, if you are like me and hate changing poopy diapers especally if they are not your kids, but no. This kid needs to poop. He farts like no other and no poop comes out so as you can see not good for me. Now Keri today pooped... yeah he pooped all over the place and managed to not only get it all up and down him but got a big poop dropling on my floor. Yeah thats right! Left there like a deer! (I mean the animal... note spelling.) See he is also lactose intolorent... in fact I don't think he is totlorent to much. Because no matter what I feed the kid his poop is still runny as all get up. So him getting a poop dropling on the floor, I have to say takes tallent. Moving on to my little ones... thats right I have a collection of poopy diapers in my grage. I think sometimes the smell starts leaking into the house at the end of the day. I smell poop and it aint the grage...yup Cache needs a bum change. Go change him. He gets mad... humm must not want to stop playing...nope he aint done! Now my kind hearted son at least waited till I got the diaper back on. Ok another diaper. And the finally kicker of the day... would be Dylann reminding me we had chowmain noodels for dinner the night prior. Oh...the big kicker...I had to actually pull the lonely noodle all the way out. Yummy! I think I will eat some left overs tonight! I love being a mom! What could top a day like that? Hell who gets that excitment at work!

Other great things that happend today. Thinking.... thinking... thinking...
I loved seeing Cache watch a movie and smile even when he doesnt have his hearing aids in. I think it is amazing that he still follows the story without words and laughs at the appropriate parts. I think any normal person would be lost with out the words on a movie but he seems to get it and enjoy it. I think it is remarkable. His teacher was telling me today that she thinks that disabled kids are so much stronger. Not by strength but by drive. The have something about them that makes them want to be better, want to succeed, want to be the same as the rest of the world. I think she is right because he is a fighter. He will keep up with anyone and he will not ask for help or sympathy. He is an amazing child.

This is the day he got his hearing aids for the first time.


Kelly said...

Those are some nasty nasty poop stories. I've never had more than 1 child in diapers at a time, so I totally can't relate. I'm sorry!