Sunday, June 29, 2008

Catching up!

OK it has been a while, but I am not in the mood to post lately. So here are a few things of what has been going on! I always bleach the boys hair for the summer. Mason was not too thrilled about this but Cache loved it.

Mason's did not turn out as good as Cache's. Cache looks so cute with his big blues. York has been busy with soccer and just being a teenager, driving Eric and I crazy! He did make Murray Max which I was really happy about. It will be a great time consumption and ego boost for him. Dylann oh little Dylann. She is all boy wrapped up in a girls body! It scares me! We went to the park the other day and Mason went down the fireman pole. Well I guess she thought she could do it too, and luckily a mom there grabbed her before I could get to her! Then Eric and I took the kids swimming at the Rec Center. She would just take off into the deep end even though she was getting whisked away and here nose was about covered. I took her down the big water slide on my lap which scared the crap out of me because she came out of my arms once but I caught her. When we finally hit the bottom she was ready to go again. She was pist that Eric or I would not just keep taking her down. Mason is in a summer camp and likes it a lot. Last week he got to meet some firefighters and climb on the truck. He loved it because he wants to be a firefighter like his Uncle John. Which would make Uncle John really happy someone followed in his footsteps! Cache is just Cache and is as wild as ever. We have managed to loose another mold, well the dog ate it. He will be getting his own set of hearing aids in the next week. I am excited. We finally put some heavy duty locks on the doors so he has no way to escape now! That about it for our uninteresting life! I wish I had more! Oh I did apply to go back full time but we will see and I did find what I think will be a perfect babysitter! She even knows sign language! It is crazy how things turn out!


Lisa said...

Callin and the boys use to go on Monday nights last summer, they have a family inflatable night from 8:00-10:00. The boys loved it!

He hasn't done it yet this year, hey babe??