Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Cache!

Yes I am really late on this post! It has been very busy! Caches B-day was the 18th! Although we did not celebrate his b-day on his b-day he still had a good one! I won't go through Caches arrival to the world because if you read my blog you will see it right. As I've said, he is my little hero! He is such an amazing kid and I feel so lucky to have him! Although at times my very mischievous child will send me to my limits I still can't help but to smile at him! At any given time you will see Cache wondering out my front door with no one trying to sneak away! Lucky for me I have great neighbors who look for him and seem to bring him back in the 5 minutes that I have turned my head! I really need to get a sign out front that says deaf child! Side note to self-check into that!

Cache chilin in our pool in Vegas!

Cache has had such a great year and has come such a long way since we first moved back! When we moved to from Vegas Cache was only 18 months. He was not walking, talking, and definitely was not where he was supposed to be! After much work, a new pediatrician, and months of worries Cache had finally been diagnoses with being deaf. Which was no surprise to us. The funniest thing about it all is when the first audiologist told me that he was deaf I was relived! See there was so much worse he could have... we went from a brain tumor (the scariest and I will never forget braking down at work after coming down from the oncology unit), to autism, to deaf. The audiologist kept telling me it was ok to cry and I wanted to laugh right at her! Deaf, honey I have been through hell with this kid, deaf was nothing!

Cache when he was in the NICU after he was born, he got to wear shades!

Cache has hit so many mile stones in this last year. He started walking at about 20 months but is still uneasy on his feet. You will always find some bruise on Cache because he falls all the time. The poor kid looks like we beat him sometimes! And we are always yelling at him so he can hear us which we now tend to do with the other kids! I am sure my neighbors think we are crazy! Since he has started school he has also grown so much! He rides the bus everyday and he loves it. He is starting to Babel like a baby which makes things nice because he used to just scream. He will copy your words and although he may not get it out right he will have the same amount of syllables. Cache has an incredible smile and amazing eyes. It will melt your heart! I am looking forward to the next year to see him grow more like he has this year.

Cache used to fall asleep in the middle of the room when he was little even if there was a million things going on!

Mason showing his little Bro how to eat a Popsicle.

My favorite pic of the little boys at the beach house

Happy Birthday my little Hero!

We love you very much!