Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Family Night...

It is now Eric's and my goal this year to make time for family no matter how busy and how tired we all get. So we are now scheduling Family Night every other week. We want to be realistic and achieve our goals. So tonight was my night for planning and Eric said he wanted it to be educational-ish.

I decided to do fire safety. This was just before the 10 year old in SLC died in a fire. That only confirmed it was an important topic. Eric made fun of me for of it, but he makes fun of me all the time.

We watched a little movie on fire safety that I found on the net. I then gave the kids a quiz I also found on the net. After that we went into each room and pretended I was the fire and they had to get out. So they crawled all over and found each escape route. They loved it...well the little ones. It was kind of boring for York, but a good refresher. We also marked the calender for each month that we need to check the fire alarms. Lastly we made a little fire book. I found a cool little story book that you could color on the net. We all colored pages. Cache and Mason thought it was super cool so they are taking it to school to show their class.

I also got to pick dinner since it was my night... we ate pancakes, homemade strawberry syrup, scrambled eggs, and bacon. Super YUMMY!

We had a great first family night. Eric plans next so we will see! :)


Nisa and Colby said...

Oh you are so good to do family night, that does fun!