Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What would life be like…

If I didn’t have Cache to blog about.

He just seems to be my most exciting child. So to what do you ask is deserving of a post? A school affair. This year we were fortunate enough to get an amazing teacher for Cache. She has been so great and is always trying to stay positive but by no means hides the truth. A little over a month ago she had told us that Cache had potential for speech but she could not seem to get him to where he needs to be. We started to push things pretty aggressively and he is now in speech, physical, and occupational therapy in and out of school.

Last week while meeting with his teacher, she felt that he still seems to be having a hard time. We are at such a crucial age and we need to have him proficient in a language. He seems to be a much more proficient signer than he is a verbal communicator. So officially the game plan has changed. We are now going to fully focus on sign but still have speech therapy. We decided to send him next year to the all sign school here in Utah called JMS (Jean Massieu School). There they teach in ASL with written English.

Eric and York are going to start ASL classes next week. York will also be taking ASL in high school next year. We also have a great Deaf Mentor that comes to our home every week and teaches us sign and about Deaf Coulter. He is a great guy and we always look forward to him coming.

I think Cache will be at peace and feel at home in this new school. I think he likes to sign and he feels comfortable communicating in ASL. It just seems to come more naturally for him. I can tell when we are in speech therapy that he wants to have speech but it is just so hard for him. I can see how much he struggles to get it out. Sometimes to the point I just want to say no more. He is such a great kid and I just love him for everything he is and is going to be. I do not think that child could ever disappointment me.

Good luck Cachers, my monster, on your new endeavor. We love you!


Natalie said...

He's such a cute little guy. Good luck with speech and everything you're doing for him. You're a great mom!