Friday, March 12, 2010


So I messed up the blogging traditional 100th post. So in honor of that I will call this 101 things about me. So here it is in no particular order….

10 Things I Love
1. Kids
2. Husband
3. Parents, Siblings, Nieces, Nephews, Aunts, Uncles…You get it family
4. Friends
5. House
6. Healthcare and the people who work in it- You have saved my son’s life more then once, Thank you!
7. Great neighbors- I could have not picked a better place to live, we lucked out!
8. Money- kind of have to love it, yet I never have it
9. Good food
10. School

10 Things I Cannot Live Without on a Daily Basis
1. Coffee
2. Diet Coke
3. My computer/internet
4. Cell phone- I never really talk on it, but I feel naked without it
5. Daily Facebook checks- Did I say that? Yes I am an addict, but I love staying in touch!
6. Sleep- I am so grumpy without it
7. Toothbrush/paste
8. Make-up- even though I only wear it if I am going somewhere
9. Car
10. Hubby

10 Things I Hate
1. Health insurance- a necessary evil!
2. Ignorance
3. Prejudice
4. Being broke, but hey we have love!
5. Not working, I miss the money and the sanity it gave me
6. Getting ready, it takes too long, and when I do spend the time, I still look the same
7. Migraines, I can’t stand them and I have had them most my life. It is the worst!
8. Being sick
9. Being bored
10. Hearing my kids cry and fight (yes, that is what I am doing right now!)

20 Things I Love about my Kids
1. He is an AWESOME, TERIFFIC, KIND, big brother
2. He is a good Friend. He is nice to everyone.
3. Despite all his trials, he has turned out to be a really good teen.
4. He is funny and even funnier to tease.
5. He is a pleaser and will do anything to make you happy.
1. He is the sweetest kid ever.
2. Plays with his little brother and sister as if they were best friends.
3. He too is a pleaser and will do anything to make you happy.
4. His love for all animals, we would have a zoo if his Dad would let him.
5. His random acts of kindness. He is always bringing something home for the babies or doing something nice for his Dad and I.
1. His smile and eyes, they are infectious.
2. His strength and courage, so brave for a 4 year old.
3. He is a Mama’s boy and I love it!!!
4. Nothing stops him, not pain, not the inability to communicate with everyone, NOTHING!
5. He is a spitting image of his Dad, looks, personality, and even food.
1. All her cuteness!
2. Her determination to get what she wants, and if you don’t help she will get it anyway!
3. All her girly-ness and her ability to keep up with the boys.
4. When she says “SURE” with her cute little voice instead of yes.
5. Her love for Cache, her best friend.

10 Things I Love about Eric
1. He is the BEST father.
2. He is a GREAT husband.
3. He is always willing to help others even if they don’t ask.
4. He always lets me sleep in. This benefits him too, because I am not grumpy then!
5. He loves his family more then anything and always puts them first.
6. He always calms me down when I am stressed and makes me feel better.
7. He is competitive, and I loose most of the time, but I love when I get in a win!
8. When we have fun, we have FUN, and he is always good company.
9. When he has to admit I am right, oh it kills him. I think we both have this in us!
10. He loves me and all my flaws!

10 Things I Want to do Before I Die
1. See my kids grow old and have their own lives no matter what that is.
2. Have grandkids, I am super excited about this!
3. See all 50 states.
4. Go to a Superbowl
5. Go to Italy/Rome with Eric and see as many countries as possible
6. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro before the ice caps melt
7. Go to Madri Gras
8. Go to a World Series game
9. Be financially stable
10. Have a degree

20 of my Favorite Things to Do
1. Hang out with my family
2. Sleep in
3. Play games
4. Rock Band
5. Eat good food
6. Get a massage
7. Get a pedi
8. Date nights with the hubby
9. Dancing and shaking da booty
10. Having people over/parties
11. Redue furniture, except the sanding part
12. Cook as long as I have time and someone to help cut, chop, and peel
13. Beat Eric at anything
14. Facebook stock
15. Finding good deals
16. Making my family smile
17. Go to Mexico, my home away from home
18. Going to Cali to see family
19. Taking pictures
20. When my kids behave

10 Things I Hate to Do
1. Bills
2. Look at my bank account, it is just depressing! LOL
3. Clean bathrooms, love it when they are clean, just hate getting there
4. Mop floors
5. Take my kids to the grocery store
6. Or grocery shopping for that matter
7. Potty training, thank goodness that is over for the most part!
8. Sit in a hospital, but I am happy they are there when we need them
9. Doctors appointments if I have to take more then the child being seen
10. Yell at my kids, another necessary evil

And 1 random thing you would not know about me…
I work for the FBI…OK I don’t but I could not think of anything fun!