Monday, March 8, 2010

Home is Where the Heart is

That's right we are home. Have been since Friday, but I have been too busy/lazy to blog about it. Cache is so happy to be out of that joint and is doing pretty well.

When I got the clear to go home, I asked Cache if he wanted to go home. He looked at me reluctantly and said yes. Then when I said do you want to go see York, Mason, and Dylann, I got a huge smile. I don't think he really believed he was gong home until he saw our car pull up, and I got a screech with a big smile. He was all grins the whole way home.

He did over due it the first day and was in a little more pain then usual. He is doing really great, still sore, but I think he is on his way to recovery. He is my strong boy.

Dylann is happy to have her playmate and best friend back, and they are fighting now as if he never left. I love having all my kids in the house and sleeping in bed with my hubby.

Through all our trials in life, we have learned our family is the most important. These trails have kept us strong and has not let us forget how important it is to just love each other. Although life gets in the way, and we tend to forget what may be important, we always bring it back to home and family. We are a strong family for many reasons and we are a stronger family because all our trials. Home is where are heart is.

We are a home full of hearts that all beat to a different drum, but big hearts we have.