Friday, December 3, 2010

Cache Update

Late on Wednesday Cache came home from school with a fever, which soon lead to diarrhea. Yesterday he still had a fever and diarrhea, but he was still eating and drinking fine. Late last night he started to have bloody diarrhea. When we woke up this morning he started to vomit and still had bloody diarrhea. I started to get concerned so we went to the Riverton ER. On our way I could tell he was progressively getting worse and that his sugars were getting low.

When we arrived, I told the triage nurse he has seizures from low blood sugar and she said after the vitals we will get it checked. We get into a room and his doctor and 2 nurses came in. Again I told them he has hypoglycemic seizures and I am worried about him. They say ok and attempt to start an IV. At this point I am thinking it is to hang dextrose on him. Well they cant get a line but get enough to draw blood. They then proceed to try to find a line. I ask again,

"Can he have a soda?"

"No, the doctor wants to wait to see what we find out."

"The blood you drew, did you get a glucose on it?"

"Yeah but we won't get it back for a little bit."

"OK, I know getting a line is important, but, see how he is getting sweaty and cold? See how he is not fighting you now and he is falling asleep? He is about to seize on you and I promise it is not pretty. And seeing as you can't get a line right now and you are going to have to use a bone marrow line if you don't hurry!"

"He drops that fast? OK I will go get it"

So guess what his sugar was???? 36! No, he did not seize, thanks to me, but he got a soda in him barley! Yes people, I know what I am talking about! I am not some dumb mom, I am pretty "seasoned" to say the least. What was his sugar when they drew the first time...46. So it dropped 10 points in less then 30 minutes.

So what wrong with him? They don't know why he has bloody diarrhea yet with his fever. They are working on that. They do know that he is severely dehydrated and his electrolytes are all messed up. His sugars are up and down but not dropping really low. So they admitted to Primary Childrens for awhile. Or at least until they can get him back to normal. We must be past due for our visit here. He seems to be doing better, but he blood work is still not normal. He is however bossing myself and his nurse around very well. He is defiantly keeping her on her toes! Let's hope for home tomorrow, but expect the worse. The only way I know how to get threw it!


Sarah said...

Praying for you and Cache. I hope the little guy starts to feel better very very soon!

Natalie said...

Oh my goodness Melissa! I'm so sorry Cache isn't doing well. I'm DANG proud of you for standing up to the doctors on his behalf though! You're an awesome mom! Keep me posted and if there's anything you need, let me know. I'll keep you guys in my prayers.

tamara said...

mel, thinking of you all... hope cache is getting better.. so proud of you for sticking to your guns @ the hospital for your little man.. miss ya.. t-