Monday, December 6, 2010

Still Nothing

We are home now which is wonderful. Except the fact, I have a million in one things to do and no time to do them in!

I still have no answers as to why Cache was so sick. When we left the hospital Sunday they had no answers for us. They thought he had e-coli, but all the test today came back clear. When we followed up with my pediatrician today she told me that she did not feel that a few days of diarrhea and 1 day of throwing up would make him that sick and that dehydrated. I would really have to agree. Cache got really sick really fast, I mean in the matter of hours. He was just eating and drinking the day prior. It seemed to have her stumped, but still wants us to follow-up with a GI doctor, which I wanted to do anyway. Cache has always had a sensitive tummy and it would just put my mind at ease to have him checked for the bloody stools. Cache was still really anemic when we left the hospital so they want him on a iron supplement. Today his leaves were up and the doctor feels that they will get back to normal, but we need to follow up in a few weeks to make sure.

When I left the doctors office I started to have low blood sugar. Something we all have and I never think twice about it. I just eat and I am better. That is when I remembered that when we first moved back to Utah, I was diagnosed with borderline Addisons disease. I never thought much about it, until now. An Addisons crisis can cause some major changes to the body, much like Cache had, and make you very sick very fast. So I called the doctor back on our way home. She feels that may very well be a possibility. Tomorrow morning we our going to have more blood work and see if my random thoughts could be right. As much as I hope not, I sure want some answers. I want to know why my little guy got so sick, so fast. It scares me, I was very lucky we made it to the hospital when we did.