Monday, October 13, 2008

My Birthday Present... Or Was It?

So Eric tried really hard to surprise me for my birthday! I can read him like a book! When he asked for me to make sure I had a weekend off I had my thoughts! Of course I was right! He did throw me for a loop when he told me New York and I kind of got mad! I didn't want to go to New York for the first time with only 2 days! Then he tried to be funny! Tease me! Well I told him do you want me to guess? Go ahead and try he told me. It took one quick search for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers schedule to see where they were playing. When I told him Denver he looked dumb founded. I told you!! I am smart! He could not believe I figured it out! Although I was very excited and I had never been to a Pro Football game, I think he was a little more excited! I love football but I haven't been able to follow it as much this year! Kind of a bummer! Well to say the least we had fun! It was are first time to Denver and I totally expected to be like Utah but it wasn't. It was a nice city despite the bums. They didn't bother you for money they were just there. Saturday I took a nap for about 2 hours as soon as we got there! I was so tired from all the stress and had not sleeped! It was nice. Then we hit the city, went to dinner, and ran into a Burlesque show. It was sooo funny! We had such a good time! We woke up the next day in full Tampa gear and hit the game! It was so cool to see the players that close! We had awesome seats. We were on the 12 yard line 6 rows up on the Tampa side. I saw all my favorites warming up out of there gear. I have to say they are huge and have the most fit bodies I have ever seen! Although we lost it was still fun and the Denver fans took it easy on us. They were very fun, nice, and respectful. We did however get a few glares when we got overly excited though! That night we bought some pizza took it back to the room ate, hung out, and just sleeped. Which can be nice without kids! Erics mom helped pay for the tickets for my birthday... So thanks mom! It was nice to get away!

Some freaky china doll in a "Denver" shop? Go figure they must have a large Asian community!

My honey and I at the show! Photography by ourselves!

The Burlesque Girls!

The "sexy" host and myself!

If front of that dang Denver Bronco Horse!

Getting to our seats... they were awesome!

Warm ups! Trueblood... he is huge!!!!!

Garcia... he must have know Griese was getting hurt!

The best defence in the league huddling!

Who's my favorite player Mr. Derk Brooks!- this is a song on a commercial for those who don't watch football!

The team huddle before kick off!

The owner! He is bigger in person! I always thought he was a short Irish dude! That is his wife and kids by him!


Jeremy, Laura-Ann and Madilynn Nutt said...

So really was this a birthday present for you or for Eric? But it looks like you guys had fun. I bet it was nice to get away.

Jennica said...

How fun to travel with out the kids. I LOVE IT! What a cute "surprise"!

Lisa said...

Fun fun fun!!! What a great birthday present!