Monday, October 13, 2008

Things not to be forgotten...

So I have a few things I wanted to blog about but I have been sidetracked with everything. Now the tricky part is remembering everything...

Mason was Kinderbug a few weeks ago. Which was super fun! The teacher gives you a list of things you do each day so this is how is went down. Monday we took in a very cute poster of pictures of him and his family. With a list of a few of his favorite things which included, pizza, soccer, cheeseburgers, xbox, and of course his family. Mason always says to everyone "I love my family!" It makes me smile every time! Tuesday Mason was so sick and had to miss which was the day you bring your pet in. It was also Green day and he was so upset me missed. Wednesday was your favorite book. He took Fish Out of Water, a Dr. Seuss book. Thursday was bring your favorite treat or food so of course we got 2 cheese pizzas from Little Cesar's. Friday was tell something special about your family. So Cache came with us to school and we told them all about him being deaf and taught them a few sings. It was so much fun! Mason always asks if Dylann can come to class now! The other day Mason asked how babies get in the belly. I was caught of guard and really didn't know what to tell him. So I said God puts them there, and of course a follow up question "How?". It's magic! Mom there is no such thing as magic! That's where I changed the subject! I need to come with a better explanation!

York won his first soccer game today! He was so happy he called me at work to tell me! I wish I could have been there. His dad said he played awesome! One reason I hate my job! I am a total soccer mom! I love to watch yell and cheer! I can't help it! I have a passion for them game since I used to play!

Dylann is getting so funny with all her talking. She is so sassy! Where did she get that from? She now tells you no! I will be like ok time for night night and her hand will go up and say noooo! In a very sassy tone too! I love her! It is so much fun having a girl! She loves her dolls too now. She takes them every where and they are called "babies". She also says "so cute" like "so toot". When we took Cache to the doctor the other day she let him carry the boy twin and she got the girl twin. It was cute and yes I let my son play with dolls!

Cache besides the obvious now says and signs uh-oh. It is funny! I love it! I swear the other day he said his version of I love you while getting on his bus for school which sounds sort of like "ahhh-uuuuu" in a yelling tone. Still super cute and almost made me cry! Probably was just him yelling, but I can pretend! LOL!

I am sure there is a million things I should have posted but didn't so that is all I can remember!


Lisa said...

Your kids crack me up - they are so fun! Mason and his complete and total sugar addiction the first words after I ask him "Do you want a snack?" "Yes - candy!" He is a kid after my own heart.

I love Dylann and her babies ... the fact she has to sleep with ALL of them.... so toot!

Way to go York - kick some soccer booty!

Cache - oh how I love this little kid ... he is so cute and fun to be with. He came in and signed 'socks' because he wanted to go outside and play - it was cute!!