Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day #4 at the Hospital

Cache with his Froggy after surgery

Eric and I are trying to tag team it. Yesterday was the first time I ever left any of my kids in the hospital since they were born. I know we have to prepare for the long haul, so I know I need to make sure I am getting some rest. I am no good to anyone tired. I think the last 3 days really wore on Eric and I. I think now we both have had some sleep and are ready to tackle this long journey ahead of us. So for a brief update from where I left off.

I honestly cannot remember everything that happened yesterday. I know he was drugged up most the day and did not have anything major happen. I also know it was a much better day then the one before. They did move us to a new room in the PICU that is so much better. I even got a little couch to sleep on, which they don't do too often in the PICU. It is so nice; the night before last I had to sleep in the bed with Cache and we were right next to the tube station. It was so loud!

Today Cache woke up in a good mood. You can tell his little personality is coming back. He had a pretty good night and only woke up about 3 or 4 times. They were a little concerned with his bladder and that he was not going potty. They completed and ultra sound and found it was pretty full. Before they cathed him we decided to let him try to stand and pee, and it worked. Another concern this morning was his lungs. His oxygen levels were getting a little worse. This was also causing some fevers. So the plan was to get him to stand and sit in a chair. He was very scared the first time he stood, but after that he was ready to get out of bed. He went for two little walks about 20 feet. He also sat up in a chair on and off the whole day. This got his oxygen levels up a little better. It also helped him to start tooting, which is good thing. He thought it was pretty funny too! Later in the day they said they found some gram positive bacteria growing on the old pacemaker and the tissue where it was. They said it was very little, but growing. I am not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing. Some of the Infectious Disease doctors said they wanted something to grow out so they knew what they were treating, while others said that if it didn't they could do the new ICD placement sooner. So we are still at the hurry up and wait stage. They are still saying anywhere from 2-6 weeks in the PICU and they are just guessing. I don't think anyone really knows what is going to happen. I think we should have a better guess on Monday.

Eric and I tag teamed it today. He got here in the afternoon and I went home to be with Mason and Dylann. I had not seen Dylann since Wednesday night so it made me so happy to see her. She gave my a big hug! I also got in a much needed 2 hour nap. Tonight we had one of York's friends babysit them while Eric and I hung out at the hospital together. I think juggling the other kids will be the hardest thing. They seem to be doing very good, but they miss their brother lots. Mason keeps talking about Cache and Dylann saw his picture today and said hey it's Cache. I asked her if she missed him, and she said yes. They are best friends. All my children are very close. We are trying to get our video chat to work so the kids can see one another. They are not letting anyone under the age of 18 in the PICU right now due to a major RSV breakout. I think it will be good for all of them, including Cache.

It was a good day today, and Cache hit some good mile stones. We still have this infection to fight, but I think we will get there. Although it seems like we have been here forever, I am sure when all is said and done, it will seem like nothing. This too shall pass.

Cache sitting up for the first time since Wednesday


Mary Lindsay said...

Yep, it's our little man doing what he loves to do. Everyone who meets him will for ever know the strength of this little child and his determination to grab life with both hands and steam ahead. Cache you have angles sitting on both shoulders watching you and lifting you forward when it's hard for you to do it on your own. I hope you know that if we could we would trade places with you so you could be spared all this suffering and pain. There are others that need to be remembered in this story as well. Cache has 3 other siblings that are just as strong and always understand when mom and dad must be gone to help a brother they love so much. Our family has faced struggles that would have torn most apart. More pain than 10life times deserve but they always step up to the plate drive forward and show what they are made of. We love you all for your individuality, selfless hearts and kind spirits. Remember everyday your Father in Heaven is protecting and watching over you from above and your parents and grandparents are trying to protect each of you as well. We love you each and everyone forever and always.