Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Heart Surgery Number 4 and Counting

Well we are here again, sitting at hospital awaiting another surgery. This one came on a little rapid. To give those who may have missed out on my updates...

Cache has had his old scar from his ICD (internal cardiac defibrillator) looking a little red. It then proceeded to swell up. I took him to the pediatrician and they tried to lance it to see if fluid would come out. Nothing did, so her initial thought was that it was scar tissue building up. So she referred us to a plastic surgeon to possible have the scar removed and then re-stiched.

Shortly after our visit his scar became worse and then proceeded to swell more and the fluid was very visible. Two nights ago it exploded and began to drain.

Today we visited the plastic surgeon, Dr. Warnock. He was awesome and said that he felt we needed to go to cardiology. (This is what I should have done from the beginning, but I tried to not panic.) So then came our visit to cardiology. Which they had already been forewarned by Dr. Warnock. What a great doctor. He took the time to call cardiology and the surgeons to tell them about us. He was so worried about Cache and did not want anything to happen to him. (If you ever need plastic surgeon, go to him, he obviously cares about his patients! I love great doctors!)

So here I am sitting at Primary Children's surgical floor awaiting our surgery tomorrow at 9:30 am. They will go in and take out the ICD and check to see how far the infection has spread. Antibiotics will not help infected foreign objects in the body. Once they are infected they stay that way. The only way to get rid of them is to take them out and let the body heal. They will then clean him out and place temporary leads. These leads will keep him paced externally. They will do this until the infection is gone. After the infection is gone they will place another ICD. Their hope is that he is big enough to have in go under his clavicle and the leads will actually go into the heart. They feel this will have a better success rate then putting another one in his belly. What we can hope and pray for is that the infection has not spread far and that it heals quickly.

My thoughts are just overwhelmed. I can't believe I am here again. I have the strongest child in the world. He amazes me everyday and always puts a smile on my face. God blessed me with a wonderful son and I can never imagine a life without him. He is my inspiration in life. God has been with him through all this and I know he will be with us tomorrow. Good luck Cachers, be that strong boy that everyone already knows you are.



Christina said...


Good luck with the surgery. I hope everything goes smoothly. They have the new cardiac icu so at least you will be around other heart families and not the contagious kids. Can I do anything for you? Let me know!

Hugs & Prayers,

Melissa said...

Crazy!! Hope it all goes smooth and the infection is quickly healed!!

Audrey said...

As a parent of a child who had to get life threatening surgery when he was only 8 weeks old I understand what you are going through. My prayers are with you and your family. I can only offer two suggestions. One day at a time don't think of the future at stressful times, just get through that moment. Also this is NOT a sales pitch, it is one Mother offering something that helped her and her family so much to another. Check out I believe strongly it will help ALL of your family as much as it has helped mine and hundreds of thousands of others. It is machine washable, hypo-allergenic, green safe for ALL ages and they raise money for Breast Cancer and other charities. Again our prayers are with you.