Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sitting At Work Bored As Can Be!

So I am sitting at work bored as hell! I am now, what we call here at work, sitting on my internet sword! See the internet is forbiddin unless it is for "medical purposes". So I am thinking this is not going to qualify! O well! It will burn the time away so I can get my hours and keep my benifits! I actually got my work done today and got it done early!

So today was very boring! And I don't really have anything funny and witty to write! It was what I call a typical Thursday! I will give you the rendition but I worn you boring!

About 6:30 Cachers wakes up! Oh no son you are not going to do this that early. He gets more milk a changed bum and I made him go back to bed! Which surprisingly he did! 7:30 Mason has crawled in bed next to me. All I feel is movment as if we are having an earthquake, then finally has a brave moment "mom will you get up?" I say "Go down stairs and play!" It really is no wonder he is happy to see his dad when he gets home! 8:45 the babies wake up, I actually got to sleep in! Wow that was nice I am sure that won't happen tomorrow when I have worked all night! And just as I get breakfast put on a sweatshirt, what do I hear... knock knock! Oh it is the Direct TV guy! bra have'nt brushed my teeth! Yummy! Maybe I will get lucky and he will be fat and slobby! Nope young and fairly good looking! Of course not nearly as handsome as my husband! Can't hook it up (I mean the cable!)... looks like it is more PBS for us! Wonderful! Pick up the house, do some luandry, and get ready to come to my wonderful job! Yippy! Work is boring today, not a fun day at all! I usually try to make it exciting but for some reason I am struggeling! It must be the peeps I am working with tonight! They don't seem to want to have fun! The most eventful thing that happend is someone ripped ass and it stunk up the whole pharmacy! It was pretty gross! I wanted to gag! Just writing this makes me want to sleep I am sorry if you actually read this post!

Forcast for tomorrow: A shit load of things to do! Must get ready to go to Cali! This is goign to be a hard trip for us! Thanks to Callin and Lisa for watching the kids! It won't be easy for them too! I will pray for your survival!

Todays Rating: Boring :(


Lisa said...

Don't try and hide it - we all know it was you that let it rip. Eric talk to Callin - he hears alot more typing than complaining these days... I blog it to the Sista's.

Lisa said...

Oh sorry - Love You!