Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Another Day Past...

So the time has come for my first real blog entry! Same old day as every Wednesday... Get up, take Mason to school come home, feed babies, clean up, shower, pick up Mason, fix lunch, put babies down for nap, wast time, clean, fix dinner, and fianally spend time with the Fam! Dinner tonight... Baked Chicken, red and sweet potatos, salad (Eric really wanted it-see below).

My faovorite thing said today...
As Eric and I our talking about our day on the couch
"I love you Mom, I mean Dad!" - Mason
Yes son... I know I am chop liver when Dad comes home... thank you for reminding me yet again! You never let good old Mom down, since she is the one who takes care of you ALL DAY! Ungreatful brat! It's a good thing we have this unconditional love thing going!

The nicest thing out of my husbands mouth today...
And when I say nice I am being sarcastic!
Me- "Should I make a salad too?"
Eric- "Yes because I don't like sweet potatos!"
Oh I am sorry did you cook dinner? Well you sure made that salad after that comment did'nt ya!
Oh wait I should not forget this....
"You need to work more!" - Eric
Yes because my many hours of the day are spent sitting on my ass doing nothing! It is seriously a good thing I love you!

Best part of the day...
Well the night is still young... yeah right I am getting old and have 4 kids...
Dinner! We all were in a very good mood... ok Dylann was not to happy to sit in her high chair, she thinks she needs to be at the tabel with us! I especailly liked the part when Eric would speak and we all felt compeld to talk before he could get a word in edge wise! Yes honey we all want to take the summer family trip!

I even made some brownies! What a day!

Oh the worst thing that happend today... There is hope Hillary Clinton my win... let God have mercy on our souls if this happens!

Forcast for tomorrow... Another repeat of any other Thursday, plus I get to go to work all night long! Ok I will stop now I am not feeling the "I am so blessed" fleeing I should be!

Todays rating: Good :)


Lisa said...

I LOVE IT!!! It is like talking to you!

I get Aunt Manda I mean CC from Mason all the time.... lucky he has a special space in my heart.

Kelly said...

Yes! A new blogger. Couple of questions - Connor (my son) is asking about York. Where is he going to school? What grade? And what do you do when you work all night? And do you forgive me for asking if you were pregnant at Lisa's those many months ago? (Those other questions are just fillers - this is really what I am dying to know!)

emymc said...

This blog sound like a lot of complaining and babe you left out a lot of the good and nice thing I said to you. love ya!!