Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Home Sweet Home... Yet Bitter Sweet!

FYI this will be my cheesiest post ever! Finally we are home! First but not least THANK YOU Lisa and my mom for watching my kids! Both Eric and I greatly appreciate it! It ment a lot to Eric's family to have us there! SO BIG THANKS and I love you guys! I owe you and Callin any time you need it!

So our trip was sad but nice! I think things like this really put things in persective. Never forget how much people and the time you spend with them be underestamated. I love Eric's family as if they were my own and they have all been so accepting of me. I feel so previlaged to even be mententioned in the obituary. So thanks Uncle John and Aunt Robin! You both our my heros! I will never forget how strong you are! You are truly amazing people and you have many people who love you! Including us!

Josh's funeral was amazing! I am sure he is in heaven just laughing at all of us and knows that we loved him that much! So many people who loved him and the family. I think at least 300 people showed. He was carried to the church by the most beuatiful white horse and buggie to be greated by 50+ men in uniform both fire and police. (John is a fireman) As he was carried in the bag pipe played. Both his sister Rylee, brother Jake, and dad spoke. They did an excellent job. Doves where let go as he was carried back out. Josh then was taken back to the funeral home where he will be cremated and taken home. It was a great service.

For you Josh... I will never forget you'r smile and big heart! You are the most giving person. I will forever miss your big bear hugs as you stood at least a foot hire then me! The kindness you showed to both your sister and my children! I only wish I could have seen you be a great dad! I will remember the time when you felt so big... I think you were about 13... you got to play spades with the adults at Aunt Patty's. You felt so big and grown up! I will never forget our long walk on the beach last summer. The whole time bragging and being proud at how much you had grown up and wanted to be a better person. Our chat on the porch listening to the waves as everyone eles was asleeep telling me how you had the greatest dad in the world and how you are so lucky to have him. That he was the one who always helped you through. Telling me how much you and your dad admired Eric on how much he grew into a great man considering his life. Josh, just so you know you did grow up and you where a great man with a huge heart. A man that both your cousin Eric and I admired greatly. Although I will miss you forever and it won't be the same playing spades without you, I know you will always be there. You will be watching us play and laughing at how silly we all our. I am sure the Kigers will still beat the Millers at everything. I miss you, we love you, and my friend we will see you again!

Here is a picture of the Josh and the family last summer at the beach house, I will always remember...

From left to right...
Aunt Robin, Josh, Aunt Suzy, Eric, Uncle John, Val (Jake's cute girlfriend), and Jake


Lisa said...

It is good to have you guys home. I was so worried about you flying in during the storm.
I really enjoyed spending time with the kids, Cache is such a little inspiration. Mason is such a big ball of energy and fun - I love the way he says Aunt CC. York has grown into a pal and a helper.
I am so sorry about Josh! We love you guys so much!

Lisa said...

OH MY HELL are you ever going to blog again!